Build help..miss alot of da

Hi guys! Lately got into The labyrinth of build creation. Need some help to optimize or maybe complete overhaul :stuck_out_tongue:
So i miss survivability and da on this elementalist. Dont know how to do this

your pet will die in like 1 second.

not grabbing blast shield seems like a big mistake

devotions: not full kraken or ghoul is big mistake. Getting manticore and elemental storm is not needed since their RR mechanic do not stack with eachother.

Wendigo is useless since you will not scale up vitality damage.

No stun resistance or freeze, slow etc… have fun xD

OH alot to work on. Thanks :slight_smile:

Part of the problem is you’ve pumped 25 points into cunning for almost zero return. Those should ALL be into physique in this case. Those devotions are an absolute mess, I recommend looking here for how to do the warder version right and go from there. It’s a little outdated, but most of the basics are still solid and it’ll get you headed in the right direction.

PS. Elementalist will likely be the harder version to build. Good luck.

Yeah i tried a 2h ranged before and forgot to change. Ty for all feedback. 1200 hours and complete noob :stuck_out_tongue:

We all are the noob of someone else and still learning here, whether with 10 or thousands hours played :smiley:

You could perhaps try this:
You lose OA and some damage, but gain a lot of DA and some circuit breakers from medal and relic. Blackwater Cocktail and Flashbang can be used to decrease enemy OA and DA, essentially buffing yours.

EDIT: I just noticed I’m missing Rhowan’s Crown in my setup :confused:
EDIT 2: Alterative setup with Rhowan’s Crown, but without Spear of the Heavens -
EDIT 3: Last one -

ty guys. Been trying to improve the build, and the devotion system.
am i going the right way? :slight_smile:

i would love hand of ultos instead of elemental storm but i cant manage to get it :confused:

This is probably what I’d run.

You lose SoTH, Ghoul and Tempest for Ultos, Chariot and Watcher. I’d say this comes down to personal preference.