Build Help Request

Looking for generic bleed warder builds so I have a general idea of what it should look like at level 100 with gear if possible, I have an idea of devotions, but not too certain on skill distribution. I was thinking something like this: but not too sure about the skill distribution of what would be more ideal, assistance appreciated, also some options on gear choices would be helpful as well.

Though this may look a bit bad, it is what I think is pretty cookie cutter for the most part considering Im not aware of whats more important on these damage over time characters as far as skill distribution goes like stated above.

Assuming axes will be more superior for bleed based builds thus I chose berserker, everything else for devotions seem pretty straight forward.

Can’t make an indepth critique from my phone but your skills are a complete and utter mess. You should be going all in on savagery/feral hunger or cadence/feral hunger (and upheavel i think? Not super up on bleed warders just the basics) basically you use Mythical Guillotine and a high weapon damage hit + procs to inflict a massive bleed. Check jajajas electrocute warder you’ll basically mimic that mechanic except bleed instead of electrocute.

Some specifics on the skills. Drop laceration down to 1 pt and transmute blade arc. Wendigo totem swap your wendigo/blood pact investment. Drop entangling vines enitrely. Use the freed up points to invest into savagery/feral hunger. There is more that needs doing but that is a good start.

Thanks for the info, Ill look into making adjustments.