Build question arc lame?

hi guys,

i want to make arc lame build in pre aom but idk wich 2em/classe i should pick and if i make physical dmgo r elemntal idk im waiting for your suggestion plz thank you.

People here can help you if you point out what does “arc lame” mean. Soldier based Blade Arc spammer? Temporal Arcblade build?

yes i mean arcblade :smiley: my game is not on english thats why i didnt say the right name

We’re going to need more input than just “Blade Arc build”. It helps if you have a starting point of what you want to do or want it to be to work off of.

You have some idea of a damage type (Physical/Trauma) but what about:

  • Transmuted/cooldown-based or untransmuted/spammable?
  • Two-handed or Sword and Shield?

i did try to make my own build idk if he is good or not .

here he is my build: