Build question

A friend of mine made me this when i asked for 2h-ranged build , is there any improvement can be made? i personally dont like doom as relic for ranged very much


I am no expert in Valdun build nor in Tactician in general, but what surprises me is:

  1. No Death Sentence? In a pierce build, should be mandatory I think.
  2. No Bursting round? No sure why you would take Marko over it. I don’t know if Valdun build takes all Inqui WPS in general, but they are all too good to pass IMO. At least Bursting should be in.
  3. No Valdun’s rifle?
  4. I would take Aura of Conviction over Oleron.
  5. Too much points in Deadly Aim. Usually people like to stay at 12.

Check the compendium for any Valdun commando, Purifier or Tactician for inspiration.

EDIT: Something like that to me. Just add the necessary augments to cap the resistances. Very quick and dirty, again I am not expert in Valdun set. Some can probably polish it substantially. Pants, boots and maybe relic could be changed for better, probably. Not sure with that though.

Yes it do have valdun’s rifle just click the weapon switch button , he said eye provide better bonus

My mistake, I forgot to check the alt weapon. But I still think Valdun is better, the active skill is too good IMO.

I double checked your build and your boots might be better indeed. I went too fast over it. Your shoulder choice is also solid, don’t know which one is the best. At least the green is from a faction shop and gets you 20 in ranged expertise. You pick.
So the main differences now lay in the skill choice and the devotions.

going to tcheck ur build letter right now my network connection is to slow sorry.

No problem ! thank you so much for reserving your time to help me!

rifle eye have 50% increase projectile speed whitch is a very good bonus but valdun firle is better if ur new in this world u may take demolition as second classe.

I have not played this particular build but in general isn’t it better to first max cadence for maximum weapon damage % and only then putting points in deadly aim? I would think that consistent bigger hits is more valuable than bigger ones only half the time?