Build site edge case?

Had a build site with a rock in it (didn’t see it for a couple of trees being in the way).
Set the construction site to be deactivated.
Builders refused to give up the clearing of the rock…

Found that the rock was set as prioritised for clearance (which ultimately cost the poor wee buggers their lives on account of not going and building shelters 2 & 3 before winter 1 hit).

Question: should unticking the construction site’s “build me” marker also unset the (auto-set) prioritisation markers on any obstructions within the site’s groundworks? If WAD then maybe a bit more advertising the mechanism is needed…

Uncertainty: not sure if I personally prioritised the building of the shelter prior to marking the site as deactivated… only deactivating it once I realised the workers were never going to clear a 40-rock in time.

That is a bit of an edge case, but that is the system working as intended however.

Cool, thought it might be. Note to self (and others): de-prioritise if workers are really needed elsewhere…

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