Build Suggestions for Oathkeeper

Hey guys so I’m having a blast playing an Oathkeeper with this build so far

Just something about zooming around and then throwing my shield at things to make them explode tickles my happy bone the right way.

But I’m not sure where to take how to advance further with this build. It’s a bit squishy and has a tough time to kill bosses. And by tough time I mean it just requires that I kite a lot and it takes a while to bring them down not that I die, cause I actually don’t.

Any suggestion on improving this build would be great. I’m not looking for end build here, since I’m very much the type of person that enjoys the journey. So looking more for suggestion on how to keep leveling with this.

Maybe adding some more survivability (though again I don’t really die, but I just need to kite). And adding some single target damage so I can take bosses on in reasonable time.

Also not really sure what secondary class to take with this. I’m debating between inquisitor, demo and occultist but mostly because I like the color red and they all do some form of red damage (either fire or chaos).

Thanks in advance for your advice.

The link doesn’t link to any build though.

Anyway if you are using Fire aegis as main skill Demolitionist can net you more damage (Shieldbreaker has higher %Fire bonuses) while Inquisitor is more defensive (Inqui Seal+Censure can help you facetank enemies a great deal)

It does, you just need to click on the book on the bottom left of the screen to call up the masteries.

Oh! My bad then, sorry :sweat_smile: