Build suggestions?

Im pretty new to Grim Dawn. I only have a Pet-based conjurer at level 28, so i dont know much about the skills and builds of this game yet. I’ve been playing alot of action rpgs though, especially Titan Quest since it came out in 2006.

Alot of people playing aRPG’s tend to say that there is no best build or that it all depends on your personal playstyle, but from my experience going all the way back to Diablo 2 and Titan Quest i tend to disagree.

Some builds lack in certain areas and some got skills for a little of everything. In TQ a Brigand would have Scatter Shot for AOE, Spear with Lethal Strike for one-shoting Bosses and Traps for super safe kiting or newbie no-gear builds. Conqurers could deal some decent damage and tank like hell, making them a top choice for an allround build, while some builds just did’nt handle the game as well. How many succesful Magicians, Sages, Corsairs or Warlocks did you hear of over the last 11 years since TQ came out?

So what makes a build “The best or highly effective?” in my opinion?

  • Can it take some damage or can it stay out of harms way by kiting?

  • Can it deal high damage both to single targets and AOE?

  • How easy is it to handle when things gets hectic?

  • How gear dependant is it?

  • Does masteries synergies well?

  • Does it take forever to cut through mobs and bosses?

  • Does it require endless keybindings and skill combinations just to be little effective?

  • and so on…

[b]So considering this could someone suggest me some Top build links for?

  1. a Dual Wield build

  2. a Ranged build

  3. a Caster build

  4. a All Pet-based build[/b]

Best regards


Currently the best caster builds are DEE (Dreeg Evil Eye) Witchblade, Stun Jacks Elementalist and BWC (Blackwater Cocktail) Sorcerer. All of these 3 builds are quite tanky, have great AOE, good killing times with Nemeses/Mad Queen and are not very gear dependant, but they will perform their best with BiS gear obviously.

With Dual Wield there’s there the Cold Spellbreaker with Shadowstrike. Dunno much about this one, but seems to be the more popular dual wield build.

There’s a Dracarris Fire pet build Pyromancer that is quite popular at the moment.

Ranged builds at this point are not in a very good place and in my opinion they are just overall weaker than everything else. Hopefully Inquisitor and the new items in the expansion can help with this.

Thanks for your reply.

Think i’ll go for Dual Blademaster and a Sorcerer build. Do know of any really good BWC sorcerer builds?

I have gotten one if you want:

search for Gallros val

the build isn’t explained in detail but the build itself is pretty straight forward, just go for BWC as the main skill and use the arcanist class to boost it with casting speed and energy regen, -energy cost. the gear can get a problem but mostly get gear that gives casting speed, fire/burn damage and also a bit energy regen

Here is another BWC Sorcerer build you might want to take a look at.

I’ll make i BWC for a Sorc then. Thanks

Can anyone give me one of the best Blademaster build at the moment?

Blademaster? It’d be something Pierce. That’s what they’re good for, after all. So, probably Cadence, with Armor Piercing weapons. Dual, or Ranged, would depend on preference.

Pierce and Cold SS Blademasters are currently dominanting every pure Cadence or WPS BM.