Build Thoughts?

Was thinking of leveling my next guy up with this build:

Curious if anyone has thoughts? I’m a bit unsure if the points in Raven are worth it, or if they could be better spent elsewhere?

Plan would be to focus on Fire and Chaos damage to make best use of the transmuter on Aether ray.

I don’t get it! That said, it might just be going over my head. I wanted to bump so that experts can pitch in.

So we got like a totally predominant chaotic AAR attack – no devastation, no OFF for CC, just pure AAR. Solael makes sense, possession makes sense… no Maiven but we’re kind of starved on points with maxed masteries both ways… And then we got the familiar for healing and resistance and elemental damage aura, not for the pet to do any damage of its own I presume (though quite a lot of points in Summon Familiar if it’s not a real damage source but maybe to prevent it from dying left and right)… then I looked at the fact that you maxxed out Manifestation and then my brain exploded.

Yeah i actually adjusted that manifestation out in my latest glance last night. I had the points in there for the + Elemental damage, which no longer exists in, and I had misread it as a + for both the player and the pet, not a negative for the player.

Not sure where to dump those 3 points now.

My highest char is just closing in on level 70, about halfway through Elite. I spend a lot of time trying different things out on low level characters (1-25 or so) to see what seems fun, so thought I’d post this idea up to see if it even makes sense.

I’ll end up trying it anyway, and adjust as needed if i hit a wall. Any thoughts on things to do to make it more survivable are definitely welcome though.

Any time I think Arcanist, I’m immediately thinking inner spirit, maiven’s, and mirror as the most generally useful all-around skills that benefit any build. Any time I’m thinking of Occultist, I’m immediately thinking about CoF and BoD.

The familiar I’m absolutely unsure about in terms of its effectiveness, as well as chaos-converted AAR.

There’s too many gaps in my knowledge here but it might be worth dropping the familiar and pump some points into some of those ultra generally-useful skills mentioned above.

Also I’m not so used to chaos-converted builds but I think solael’s just adds flat chaos damage which is somewhat negligible here and attack speed isn’t of any benefit. You might consider reducing some points there to exchange elsewhere but keep plenty in second rite.

I’ll end up trying it anyway, and adjust as needed if i hit a wall.

Cool – I think one thing that’s obvious is the synergy between possession and your chaotic AAR. That immediately says you need 50 points in both masteries, so you don’t have to make any decisions you can’t undo later and tweak and tweak. Maybe some experts could pitch in though and give some better advice. This build goes far opposite of many I’ve tried and tuned myself.