[Builders leave, dead game] Actually, it's about community, feedbacks and balance

idk why devs still care about crucible. there’re like 12 people playing it.


I don’t even care about nerfs anymore-many people have already left the game, guess I’ll be next after 1.1.9

so because 2 people had left forum became a cold dead place? a bit contradictory. there’s no more discussions regarding balance/builds/meta. if you believe that there’re some private exclusive communities that flourish, then you’re wrong. in terms of endgame the community is dead. of course there’re various reasons behind it, but, imo, one of the main - nothing changes in terms of community-devs relationship. if you’re trying to bring some positive changes, but you’ve managed to have good timing in crucible (a gamemode, which only a dozen of people play), then you’d better stop trying. it’s impossible. you cannot bring any change to the game if you know how to run fast and how to make builds. it seems to be really downlifting for majority of builders who have left us alone.
but i’m just telling an old story that everybody already knows and creating offtop in build’s thread. and mainly - nobody cares, so we’d better leave it as it is and let the epoch of “”“toxic elitist builders”"" rot, to be later replaced with nothing.

What needs to change? Honest question.

We post feedback threads every patch for the last few updates now where everyone can speak up on balance issues and contribute to the future of the game’s balance.

We respond to feedback on a regular basis. We look at threads where someone brings up underperforming archetypes and address them where possible, if an issue exists.

What we don’t do is engage with posts where egos think they know better than everyone (including us).

What changes are “you” hoping for? Again, honest question.

What makes a fast crucible expert’s opinion on the game superior to Shattered Realm players? Or Campaign/superboss runners? Or even the (majority) casual playerbase?

I’m sorry your friends don’t play with you anymore.


how would you know, this is primarily a SP game. There could be 100000 people playing Crucible and you would have no way of knowing.


yeah they should just remove it and give everyone their money, too bad the elites will have to go back to running BoC to show how good their build is

It’s the natural cycle of singleplayer games. People leave to find new games cause we get bored, among a few other reasons specific to every person. And new people replace those old people until there are less and less replacements that come till the game “dies”. With no new DLC coming which is almost certain, this will continue happening till crate releases their next game and/or a new (good i.e.not wolcen) ARPG shows up and we all flock there.

The newest batch of great builders have it hard tbh.

Game is not dead, though eventually like every single player game; it will be. Ofc there will always be some players.
I think @grey-maybe meant forum is a ghost town now and their builder guys have no motivation to play ans keep making builds without an applausing audience. They consider the problem is that; game is dead because there is no one to perform. Are they right?

Not sure, I don’t know how many veteran players there is who plays in a daily basis? How many of them uses the forum? How many players enjoying the game without sharing it with anyone?
But good games don’t die.


that question shouldn’t be adressed to me. it seems to me, and to dozen of other players, that engame is (or was) balanced solely around crucible. if build performs better in cr it’s more likely to be “adjusted”. on the contrary, deep sr/celestials are less likely to be noticed by devs/community. which is a bit silly, taking in to the account that majority of people who “made it till endgame” plays sr65/75.

both should not be so obsessed with timer by itself, but rather understand that timing/shard’s depth means is not valuable when you look at it as a number, and only start making sense when you have a whole picture and can compare these numbers.

that devs will trust people more then it comes to QoL changes. and i believe that people who’ve been playing the game for years might have some valuable ideas regarding balance. at the end of the day, they’ve been staying here for so long primarly because of the community, so i wouldn’t count all their wishes as solely selfish.

i wish i had ones at the first place, lol.


Oh, forgot another one


Please don’t. Consumers rarely know what they need.


I’m old enough to remember when how fast you killed Warden Krieg was the measuring stick… :smile:

Perception can greatly alter how people feel about things. Just because somebody may feel the game is “dead”, does not make it true. There is always an ebb and flow of players with games in general.

But also remember, there are always some players that never leave! We’re the rocks that are happy where we are and this was true of the TQ community before TQAE came out.


So I just noticed this was a thread split from another thread. So that’s why the context was a bit confusing.

So @grey-maybe wants to ask why devs still balance around cruci when the “cruci group” that was so dominant in this forum before are slowly leaving the game? Did I get it right?

Imo the problem that we had before still didn’t get addressed. There’s still too few feedback from SR players. Before, the cruci crowd was loud and the SR crowd wa silent, but since the forum has become a ghost town recently, you can’t really get feedback from both sides.


What :rofl: when I started playing it was fabius and mq, back when only the top players with the top builds could clear cruci.

replying to some comments -i don’t believe that the game is dead, there’re quite a lot of newcomers here and there. the forum is dead though, especially the endgame side.

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Honestly it’s a bit bizzare that you can’t easily see that the topic was split. When I’ve checked the forum I saw a post with a title “Builders Leave, dead game” which feels like just a low-effort trolling. Instead turns out that the inflammatory name was chosen by a mod and this is simply a half of an unrelated discussion which was moved away.

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I am not expecting anywhere near 100000 people playing. My point was you have no way of knowing how many there are, so you saying 12 makes no sense :wink:

There have been certain, cough, angry personalities that were obsessed with the notion that we target their builds and focus on Crucible exclusively. This has never been the case. We look at all facets of the game, with special consideration for the needs of the vast majority of the playerbase.

Upsetting the ability to clear the campaign, for example, is much more important than endgame performance.

SR 65/75 has become the community’s standard of sorts, although not one we ever endorsed since it involves camera exploits (something we could do away with by a simple numerical tweak, I might add, but the community seems intent that they enjoy it). Some builds go above that threshold as they excel in the gameplay the Shattered Realm emphasizes, and oftentimes melt in the Crucible. We don’t consider that to be an issue.

Everything from the player piloting to how the build performs outside of its specialized context is relevant, which is why we don’t spend a whole lot of time in the build section dissecting individual builds, contrary to some speculation.

When changes are made, more often than not the thing I look for is patterns emerging in the community. For example, when an item/skill dominates such that other similar options are never taken, or it even supersedes other options in builds that seemingly shouldn’t be taking it in the first place, it warrants investigation. If every Fire build takes item X, is that exciting for build diversity? Or should something be done?

Considering all the QoL and balance changes we made entirely because of the community asking for them, I think that’s a rather disingenuous statement.

Virtually everything we’ve done in content updates had been guided by the whims of the community.


Congratulations on confirming that fully 32% of players that reach level 100 also played a lot of Crucible. And that the endgame is an incredibly small subset of our playerbase’s interests.


Ofc, the other side plays sr 40-50…Oh, wait

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Literally not sure what your point is.