Builders vs Zantai

Hello everyone
After FG release balance changed in the way that most of top builds do cruci in 6 min and less.
Seems like mr Zantai doesn’t like it and nerfs such builds. It would be okay, but such method affects SR performance. Therefore people, who like to play high shards, suffer.
What are your thoughts about it? Does it look like swimming against the current?

That’s the point :slightly_smiling_face:

Easy solution (for me) but not a very popular one:

Make Crucible harder.

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It’s a possible way. Because right now blessings and banners do the half of the job. You care about HP, res, CC res and OA much less.

I am not fast pilot,but like the idea SR providing challenge and test your toughness and Crucible test your damage and skill to avoid CC and AoE damage and play efficiently.

I don’t think many builds can do Gladiator under 6 minutes and even less players can do so.Watching John Smith runs,doesn’t mean other people can replicate it.

Furthermore if you increase difficulty,that will make less builds and classes complete it,so don’t like that solution.

Just don’t allow things to do like 5 minutes and tone down unintentionally outperforming skills/sets.

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I absolutely agree. But nerfs are coming to builds that piloted by speedrunners. 99% of players merely can do 6 min run. And moreover most of the people prefer stability then speed. BUT it seems like judgment is coming due to the fastest run that build can do

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99% of players probably don’t play either Crucible or SR. Did you even consider that?


Long answer:
I really don´t think Zantai nerfs anything “because it´s fast”. He will look why something is fast. And he´s the only one who knows all parameter.

So I believe when something is nerfed it performs “too good” for all things. Sometimes, there may be a mistake or misjudgement but the often stated “dead builds”…na, didn´t see them.

Sadly,you’re right.Sometimes I can’t even complete 170 with these speedy builds.And not to the standard.

So I get,that fast times attracts nerfs,but still some builds are too glassy to have chance outside of Crucible buffs.So why punish then further?

Yes. But the thread is about crucible-SR balancing issues

Yes, that’s the point :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, let´s face it:
A lot of builders don´t build toons to “complete” Crucible, but “how fast” it can be cleared. Perhaps a change in meta wouldn´t be a bad thing. Make 150 the loot pinata…all above is for the challenge. The “time and survival challenge”.

I sticked this as one of the main point if you aren’t mind)

Well,there’s substantial difference between 150 and 151+.

So 170 still requires some piloting skills.But is in human nature to be competitive,that’s why builders put Crucible times in title or number of shard reached.Everyone knows
after 75 is pointless for farming,so why play it?Make over 75 to be impossible then.

I like current balance,so hope it’s not changed.

Nobody said “impossible”. I said “more challenging”. And No, not more RNG, something which is the nature of SR.


The sadist inside me wishes that Zantai just once (unannounced) gives all enemies in Crucible their abilities from Main Campaign/SR. Oh, that wonderful storm…blood, sweat, tears…:grin::partying_face::smiling_imp:

Some builds are better for Crucible, others for SR, end of story. There’s nothing to say a build has to be good at both. And SR will probably always be more unbalanced than Crucible since it’s endless.

I hope Grava main campaign ability not to present in SR,not to be in Crucible :smile:

This has already been done with Arcane heroes upon AOM release. The result was… blood, sweat and tears :point_up_2:

I agree that a build doesn’t have to be good at both. But when Z nerfs somth according to it’s cruci results, it affects SR performance too. So both of cruci and SR performances suffer

0.01 * 0.01* 1000 000 = 100 players :slight_smile: can do 6 min cruci run, assuming 1 000 000 GD players

My only deception is when I see nerfs to skills instead of the bonuses from the set that performs too well.
An exemple would be Dust Devils.