Building Upkeep Issues


I’m noticing what I believe is a bug with building upkeep.

I’m playing a fairly big town (closing in on 1000 population) Everything is fine, I have plenty of all necessary ressources, plenty of labourers, builders.

Then all of a sudden (happening on year 82) it seems that all my buildings require upkeep. Those yellow bars pop on top of every building, it spreads like a plague. The population react by creating the maximum amount of builders and they all go around trying to upkeep but never manage to repair anything. It is not a ressource issue either, I have plenty of wood/stone/brocks/gold/whatever is needed for upkeep.

I’ve been trying to isolate/reproduce/identify the problem but it definitely feels like a bug. A builder would go to a wooden fence with “handling upkeep” status, apparently repairing the fence but nothing happens (fence remaining at 33%ish durability).
Off course, the problem then intensify pretty fast when it starts affecting markets or other crucial desirability building. It then quickly snowballs into housing getting abandonned and the game becomes unplayable.

I’m available to give more details and my saved game to reproduce this issue.

Thanks in advance

It seems wooden fences are at fault but I’m not sure.

Here is a screenshot of all my builders trying to repair fences (in vain)

After further investigating, it seems like a displaying issue, saving/reloading the game seems to indicate upkeep is done. But the sheer size of my town makes it overwhelming for 100 builder (max possible?)

I’m out, I’ll report more on the issue tomorrow


Yeah, I wish we had better info on what the required upkeep is on each building and when it’s going to be needed. What would be really nice is a list showing total upkeep items required per year.

I just had my small town of 190 people cruising along with 300 planks and other items in stock, then 75% of the buildings went to 33% and needed repair all at once. Turned a bunch of guys into builders and my 300 planks vanished and now I’m waiting for more to be made. Then the next year the buildings that didn’t need repair the previous year now needed repair.

I didn’t build my houses all at once, why did they all suddenly need repair at once? 42 years on this city and I built the houses probably 1-2 per year, yet on year 41 75% need repair? And year 42 the remainder? Including ones I just built 5-10 years before?

Of course this happened right before winter, and a bunch of people decided to just abandon their homes. Luckily I had a decent stock of planks and got most fixed fast.

I saw the same.
Yet on year 107, No other building have dropper below 100%

Yeah, it’s like instead of having a regular repair cycle, or a simple count down of the structural integrity, they just randomly decide “Ok, major repairs needed” and roll the dice on the percentage of buildings to need it or something.

When I had it, it was all buildings.
After about 5 years, i saved and reloaded, and it fixed it self.

So it went from year happening in year 41, now in year 57 bam… nearly 75% of my buildings are now at 33%. Only 16 years later? This is a shitty system. I’m fine with a random chance of needing repairs, but not something this drastic. Have it happen more often but with only 5-10% of buildings, not 75% out of nowhere. The far better option would be to actually make the structural integrity bar actually work and slowly count down each year. Maybe each building type has a different amount it drops per year. But this random thing is crap.

Edit: Yep, it’s a random thing in the game. Loaded up an autosave and sure enough I’m now on year 58 and didn’t have this issue. So it’s just a random “screw you” type thing where 75% of your buildings are about to go bust.

Edit #2: Just had it happen again except two years in a row getting hit with 60-75% of buildings including the Theater which took at least 90 planks (when I looked).

This happened suddenly, I now call it the upkeep monster :wink:

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