Buildings Decay upon events happening - Build v.0.8.1

Absolutely love the game and dove into a 6hr session last night to test out v.0.8.1.

The first issue I noticed was buildings would automatically decay to around 50-60% durability immediately upon a “life event” happening. Any time a child would grow up, instantly anywhere form 4-10 of my houses (any Tier) would decay. This seemingly only happened during mid-year life events and does not occur at the beginning of the year when taxes are collected.

I do not use any mods and am playing the standard game on the normal difficulty (disease, raiders, etc).

House structural integrity updates seasonally, so it makes sense that it would sometimes coincide with events.

I could understand that but it seems odd to me it only coincides with children growing up from what I can tell. Would it not be more realistic and also less of a pain to make it happen at random vs. that singular event prompting decay on several buildings all at once.

Appreciate the response!

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