Hey guys, ChivalricGolf3 here, I’m very new to this game, and was wondering what is the best/strongest nightblade wise? Currently rocking NB and Occ, pro’s and cons? suggestions?

Yo did you check out the build compendium?

  • Arcanist = amazing Shadow Strike coldbreaker
  • Demo = very high basic attack dps with Firestrike
  • Occu = poison dual wield and/or heavy dots with SS mod or Focused Gaze
  • Soldier = traditional Blademaster going physical or pierce
  • Shaman = I don’t play shaman

those are some of the stronger nightblade archetypes.

SS coldbreaker used to be the strongest version, I imagine they are still very good.

Nb+occ could be many things : Dualwield acid melee with venomblade set, transmuted DEE with dreeg set or even vitality phantasmal blades with demonslayer set. It probably could be also a vitality melee dualwielder. That’s all i can think about right now.

Tricksters (Nightblade/Shaman) make ok Bleeders as well i believe.