[Burn Caster] Lord of Cinder - Burn based Kalastor/Canister Bomb Purifier

This is a burn build using Canister Bomb and Grenado. I use the gun Cindercore to enhance their burn potential.

Grimtools -

Purifier - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDDnpWZ

*Screenshot with Word of Renewal and Deadly Aim


How is it compared to BWC Sorcerer?

Well imo it should be inferior. You have slightly higher direct damage than your convention Infernal Knight Sorcerer but in terms of burn potential IK is ahead. Although it really doesn’t matter since even with this build you’ll melt enemies in seconds.

How are the ticks on this one?

Pretty decent, it’s rather easy to achieve 280k+ consistent ticks. This means our burn potential is very good I consider it decent cause I expected 350k+ ticks :p.
Our current DoTs are good enough to spam our skills and wait for the message “Enemy Boss Killed” :cool:

Is Rune of Kalastor any good w/o the mods?

Ignition’s burn potential is very good. Moreover the rune itself is excellent for proc’ing devotions.

In Closing -

This is one of the better builds I have played. I’ve wanted to use Canister Bomb and Grenado for a Burn Caster for ages and being able to use both on the same build is nice.
I hope you guys enjoy it.



thank you for posting this. I’ve been wanting to try 2x cinder for a long time bug just didn’t get to it. Saw it as more fun in campaign than crucible.

You need to post a video:)

PS: Now I see why ur rooting for burn dmg on seals :smiley:

Cool concept :slight_smile: But you need to stack more % burn(duration is good though).

Been wanting to do a Burn build w/o using CT for a while now

Yeah the guide is far from finished will do some videos. Will wait a little to update some other guides and do some gear hunting need a specific MI to test things

Yeah I know, I had to give up on considerable offense to keep a maintain things like Energy and Defenses that’s why highest burn tick is only 260k

W/o a good MI shoulders like Tempest (insert HP MI) of Kings I don’t think I can even one equip Entropic Coil for the proc. I also need Kuba’s MI for BiS slot :undecided:

I think I have these.
Can give them to you.

Nah I appreciate the offer, if it was a key/central item I’d have taken you up on it. But since it isn’t I am going to enjoy the hunt :wink:

If memory of max roll deviations serves me correctly then your MI is nearly perfect

Lord of Cinder without a burning greatsword? Lame. :cool:

It’s not the roll, it’s the screenshot from grimtools. I just clearly remember I got these in Crucible. Not running the game now

Themed builds are the best builds. :smiley:

Nice build concept!

Hm, we can play around with this build to transfrom it into Grenado focused variant. Something Llke this:

  1. With MI pants - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeaLPEZ

  2. More affordable option - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVb4Lp3N

Awesome build Chthon.

I had a similar build idea, although never implemented, using the cataclysm set & elemental balance rings included: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9AKgxV

Please feel free to scrutinize & provide feedback where appropriate. I realize the DA is low but doesn’t particularly bother me. It may even inspire you to tweak your build perhaps.


Not having a second Cindercore would mean lesser and short lived Burn ticks. Yours looks like a different build since I personally am more focused on Burn damage so I’d have gone for Entropic Coil instead of Elemental Harmony in ring slot.
That being said I like Cataclysm Set and Elemental Harmony Rings so rate this 10/10 :wink:

Defenses generally are not an issue to someone who can pilot a DoT build so don’t worry about it. I would advise you to keep a close eye on Energy. It runs out surprisingly fast

Feel free to do so. I just presented a concept


“This guy souls”


Actually like this build alot was thinking of doing a dual pistol purifier build and this might be just what I was looking for.

I was just asking x1x1x1x2 for some build advice on a DW cindercore commando I was theorycrafting and he linked me here.

Should’ve guessed that your void-dwelling, grenado-loving ass would’ve beaten me to the punch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, how are the DoT ticks? I’m having real trouble making the infernal knight set work.

P.S. Would you reckon stormbearers > Emberstone?

Let me correct you, it’s actually “Canister Bomb loving”

The DoT ticks pre-buff were decent at best, around 250k-270k. It should be higher now since they buffed it.

Can you tell my why you think Stormbearers are even contenders to the boots slot? Emberstone are better imo but not BIS, I am still think better MIs could boost performance even further

I mean, I could be wrong - but ulzuin’s chosen seem mighty tasty to me.

Then again, you’re relying on DoT, not so much the flat damage from grenado itself.

Currently lvling with this build on Elite at lvl 69 past first act I am loving it so far I melt things left and right but I have also been staking fire and burn as I lvl.:smiley: Very pleased with the build plan to take it further as this character is currently my main and highest toon.

That’s pretty good endorsement! All self-found gear then?