Burning Dead explosion damage

shouldn’t the explosion on death damage from this type of monsters be toned down a bit? For melee characters a group of 4-7 of these foes can be deadly or take a significant chunk of life even with 85% fire resistances. For me they are even more dangerous than heroes. Make heroes more tough at least I know i get some reward from them but Burning dead and Emberguards… are just stupidly high damage trash.

They deal high physical damage when they explode, your resist against fire cost nothing against they.

Ok i didn’t know than thanks. Their explosions look like fire-based so misled me

I don’t think they need to be nerfed. It’s one of those rare monster types that can eff your shit pretty quickly if you are careless but are easily avoidable. Just like eldtrich shamblers: you sleep on their rock trowing attack and you are dead.

How could the large group of them be avoidable for a pure melee character ? I don’t mind challenging mobs but then I should know they are high-level and rewarding , like heroes or boss. These monsters are on the other hand … just ordinary trash and still are more dangerous for my character even with ~20% phys resists than bosses and heroes. I feel something wrong here but it could be just me… They are harmless for ranged characters though that is not fair

I’ve found the damage from the explosion disproportionately heavy for such a common enemy.
I didn’t realise it did Physical damage, because the explosion looks “fire-ish”. I was wondering why my character with 88% Fire resist was taking so much damage from the explosions.

It is pretty hard to avoid with a melee character.

Is the explosion currently purely Physical damage?

Making it a mix of Fire and Physical would tone it down some. 50/50?

Don’t you have anything on your melee character that can kill them from distance? Those types of zombies seem to be squishiest, they usually just die outside my melee ranged from my procs.

Also, if you are playing melee character with no physical resist than it’s your problem.

Again, in my opinion, more of those kinds of mobs should be added to the game, it makes killing trash mobs more challenging and interesting, it also keeps player in check: so one just doesn’t rely in abusing one kind of mechanic (like relying on huge health leech/return and thus ignoring resists).

Agree with the OP, I don’t like punishing mechanics that only affect (or affect unequally) one form of gameplay in favor of another, in this case melee versus range. Melee’s already “harder” than range even without these disproportional mechanics. If you’re melee and a group of 5-6 of these spawn around you and your AOE proc fires…bye bye, that’s just frustrating especially in Elite where player’s resists and health levels can’t be expected to be that high yet. If there were other mobs that were equally as dangerous to range-only it’d be one thing, but this just seems like punishing melee for the sake of punishing melee.