burst dots dmg

I am shure someone has thought of this before and there must have been a topic on it. I am too lazy though to look for the thread and so therefore will apoligize anyone for wasting there time. I will also thank anyone that gives this thought more than a glance and it would be too op or wouldn’t work thought.

That being said it would be nice if there was a way to make dots burst. Especially since someone of them are connected to skills that auto-apply the dots with aura like efficiency. In my poorly crafted opinion these skills could be more powerful if the dots had a small chance to do all the damage in one tick instead of continuing to be over time. For example the Nightblade’s night chill applies poison to enemies in the near vicinity of the pilot without the need of any other skills. Enemies that stay in the range and keep getting a new application of the dot with most of the dmg going to waste.

T.L.D.R. I was really just wondering if it was possible to make dots explode on ticks doing a small percent of damage but removing the dot.

dots are set for damage when first applied.

the same source does not stack, but will override if higher, for its duraton.

Thus, the way to “burst” dots is to have everything in place when the dot is applied …%RR and then hit with crit = top.

The only way you can top that is if you have a dot variable range where you could potentially roll higher. Otherwise, that is the best you’ll see for the duration of that application and any subsequent application until the high damage time runs out.

dots are quite a bit less efficient than non-dot with high weapon speed.

So is an interesting idea.

However, this should probably be under suggestions.

I’ve had a more of a think about this and I agree that dots should get some boost. Dot is limited to a once per second stack damage, and can not be increased except by %damage type bonuses.

The current meta is to max non-dot and wps for faceroll…and it has a solid mathematical justification.

A dot delayed burst could be interesting, and could be based on total % duration bonus. Or some other imaginative ideas wrt dot.

I don’t fully agree. While the idea of a dot burst is interesting, dots don’t need a buff right now. dot builds serve their purpose as of now: guaranteed sustained damage that deals itself while you’re kiting. It should be natural that it’s slower compared to direct damage builds considering its relative safety.

As for dot burst, that is a cool idea for a single class, but I don’t think I want it universally. It’ll break all dot builds.

DoT builds are some of the best builds in the game because you deal damage while you kite, effectively removing the major flaw of kiting.

Yeah, but DoT builds can stack DoTs from different sources, with a lot of them easily reaching 150k+ damage per tick.

When all RR and crits align, yes.

Non-dot+wps can reach far greater numbers. I’d have to look through the builds for exact numbers…yet I think I saw a fair number easily twice that dps or more. So even in the rare case of stutter-step every other round…you still have more damage when kiting. And most of the time there is little need to kite, in any case.

Thus, one can build to kite for a while and kill slowly or build to simply kill fast and avoid too much hurt or delay.

Dot is almost a niche build, currently, and requires a certain mindset to work well. Considering the sheer number of non-dot vs few dot type builds in the compendiums, I doubt your counter-argument holds up that well. I think that’s a pretty clear sign that there really isn’t that much motivation (other than personal challenge) to work with the slower dot style.

But that is the purpose of dots, you’ll have lower dps in exchange for being able to deal damage efficiently even when kiting. Dots don’t need to clear as fast as non dot builds. I guess you haven’t played when AoM was just released where a majority of builds were dot centric.

There are a few reasons why there are few dot builds for crucible right now, and that’s not because dots are inherently weak.

  1. Since 1.0.6 patch, crucible has become more accessible to melee builds, both dw and 2h, and that’s something that has a very huge fanbase, so expect people to move away from dots.

  2. Speedclearing has been the meta for this patch. Pure dot builds, aside from a few ones like bleed will obviously fall behind.

  3. Dot stacking in itself limits the build diversity of dot builds. Bleed soldiers can easily overcap 3 of the 4 best bleed skills in Blade arc, Fighting form and counter strike. BWC sorcs can take inferno, canister bomb, bwc. DEE WH can have both nidalla’s ends and DEE. Due to this, making build threads/guides around many dot builds isn’t so alluring because most of these builds will just follow the formula of: take all the good dot skills you want and go ham.

  4. Many of the current frontrunners in the dot charts also have very good direct damage. The notorious rune of hagarrad, probably the best single target nuke atm, has the second best frostburn source in chillsurge. The one better that it, Frozen core is also tied to a nuke in TSS. If you try to make a choice between the dot portion or the direct damage portion, see point number 2.

  5. Before DA stacking was discovered in the last patch, dots were meta. Spellbinder aside, dot builds are the only ones that could efficiently clear cruci without stacking DA. Unlike DA, dots weren’t nerfed, it just lost some of its allure due to the ease of the new crucible. Buff cruci again and you’ll see who the kings will be.

Using the compendium as an argument is really silly. Not everybody posts their builds and DoT builds have been done to death. That’s why there isn’t more.

Pretty much every DoT in the game has an handful of builds and DoT builds in general are pretty one dimensional. That’s why people don’t post more because there’s nothing to do with them.

And even if DoTs supposedly deal less damage than normal, that didn’t stopped some of my builds to nuke Nemeses and MQ in around 20 seconds or less. Some of them can reack 350k to 400k ticks per sec. Nemeses like Grava, Kuba and Reaper are a joke to DoT builds, while melee builds have to take their attacks. And in case of Reaper it can end in a second.

Exactly. One-dimensional.

If that isn’t the strongest argument for adding more variety to the dot damage type and playstyle … I don’t know what is.

Your original statement wasn’t about dots being one dimensional, but about it not being efficient enough to compete with non dot builds. But yeah, let’s answer “one dimensional” cause we got here already.

Okay, sure. None dot builds have a bit more variety when it comes to what skills they pick, but in gameplay it’s pretty much the same. Dot builds are all “apply RR and dot then run and let them rot”. But looking at melee builds they’re also just “hit em, don’t run cause when you run you lose lifesteal and die”. Non dot casters, be it binders, rune builds, or vit builds are like “apply some survival tool on the ground (RE, seal) then go ham with nukes. Heal with word, or go mirror/mark when needed”. If those are not as one dimensional as dot builds then I don’t know what is.

Adding skill variety to dots (i.e more dot skills) will not help much either. It’ll just (1) make dot builds unnecessarily stronger by having them add one more skill to their arsenal or (2) just add new builds that are already expected to be there cause it’s in a new class.

I’ve already said in a previous post that I’m interested in the suggested mechanic of dot bursting, but it needs to be confined in a single class to avoid breaking dot builds. If a build has both strong dots and strong nukes then that’s what broken is. It’s currently happening with rune of hagarrad and we all think that it’s gonna be nerfed in FG (don’t think there will be another patch before xpac)

If I’m being honest, I kinda agree with hammyhamster over here. I admit that I do have the piloting skills of a dead kitten when it comes to DoT specs and that this will definitely affect my perspective, but I find them incredibly unreliable.

Not clearing things fast enough can be just as dangerous as needing to take on a mob head on.

Especially when it comes to fabius, because you can’t see where this mother’s-son is, so you can’t apply DoT efficiently.

Now, throw in benny with his obsidian cage or Mous and his damn ice crystals I fucking hate mous. I think he’s the most dangerous nem of them all. Every time his blue smurf ass appears, I shed a tear. and you have yourself a pretty hairy situation.

You can just run like an olympiad across the arena :p. Moose won’t reach you there, then 1v1 fab or whoever fast nem appears. It’s a lot easier than when kiting on non dot builds where you have to keep everyone close cause you need them at a reachable distance to deal damage.