Business Laptop

Does anyone have any recommendations for business laptops? Nothing too fancy, but I work through the computer quite a bit and my current laptop is absolute garbage.

I figured with the big black Friday sales, maybe I could find something decent for relatively cheap, but I don’t really understand all that much about laptops and their various components (namely the different generations of shit and whether they matter at all). All I know is I want an SSD.

I’m trying to keep the price under 700 dollars, but would spend 800 for something that seems really nice. I’ve had Lenovo thinkpads in the past, and like them quite a bit, but the last Lenovo laptop I bought (not thinkpad) sucked complete ass so I am a bit wary of the company now.

Any recommendations would be great.

As far as getting actual work done, reliability is the most important IMHO. That means things like build quality, durability, spill resistance, etc. A good keyboard and screen resolution are also essential.

Performance wise it highly depends on what you want to do on that laptop. I guess you could maximise what performance you can get for ~800 USD while keeping with the quality/reliability requirements noted above.