Buying Already learned Blueprints

Each time I reach a new level of reputation with a friendly faction, I check the vendor for new blueprints to buy. It’s happened to me on two occasions now that I bought a blueprint only to find I had already learned it.

I was sure it didn’t say [Already learned] when I bought them, so maybe there is bug at work here? Has anyone had a similar experience?

Anyway, it’s probably my mind playing tricks on me, so I’d like to suggest moving the [Already learned] marker to the top of the item tooltip and perhaps increasing the font size. Alternatively a query could be added, but that might be more trouble than it’s worth. On the other hand, if that were to be implemented it could also work the other way around to prevent you from selling blueprints you haven’t learned yet. Hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve seen others on here post about it.

I know it’s a small issue, but qol improvements are always welcome, especially to people like me who don’t pay attention. :wink:

P.S. Receiving already learned blueprints as quest rewards sucks. :frowning:

Yeah when I first started playing I was grabbing them again from vendors , then realise you have them and should scroll down with the tooltip open to see I’ve already gotten it , but you soon learn . But yeah would be a lot easier for newcomers to see “already learned” at the top of the recipe .