Bysmiel's Chaotic Birds + Hyper Doggo Pyromancer ft.Dracarris

Wanted to share another weird pet build that has been showing pretty good results for me. I thought Chaos birds would be a unique build but it seems it has already been done as a Conjuror by Alkamos Hater (looks pretty good btw). I wanted to show my take on a chaos bird pyromancer with two birds from Bysmiel set and a single slightly souped up Hellhound.

GT link :

Since it converts all ele to chaos and 45% phys the main focus is on birds and a major part of the build is stacking flat chaos/converted chaos as much as I can. Flat ele on bysmiel set, Flame touched + Dracarris and helm mod, Fiendmaster, Bysmiel’s domination, hellfire and storm spirit all contribute much flat dmg. Hellhound has poor taunt in comparison to say briarthorns and maybe blight fiend ? (and is squishier also I think) Blast shield, 2x fiendsflesh and BoD + Giant help stay alive and is decently tanky. Pets are kinda squishy but get the job done as long as they aren’t swimming in degen (grava/kuba pools especially). Devotion path can maybe have a few other options (I used this in my Lost souls Pyro too and it was decent so kept it). Dracarris was also mostly for the memes (and also bcos flat dmg) but other options could be good too like Veilpiercer (can then skip acid spray and maybe a more offensive devo ?).

Some Achievements -

SR 80+

SR 81 vid -

Lokarr kill vid -

Yet to try crucible.


Chaos Birbs have been done way back even before Alkamos’ build :stuck_out_tongue:. but nevertheless, is a rather interesting take on the concept as a pyromancer.

Just wanted to say though, keeping pets in aggressive would help with the leash range and stuff if aggro is ever a problem.

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Ouch! I just put Blood orb of Chthon and bysmiel’s trinkets in GT and thought wow that’s so unique bet its never been done before :rofl:

I think aggro still is a prob bcos CoF, mines, eldritch fire keep ticking on enemies and drawing aggro to me and I spam DEE and flashbang lol. Its not that bad tho since some bosses are actually easier with agro on me bcos Fiendflesh + blast shield gives a decent window of tankability while ravens just sit and shoot from wherever they are.

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As a fellow spammer of skills, I understand perfectly :sweat_smile:

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