Bysmiel's Command (% Chance on attack) differs between GrimTools and InGame stats

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Probably you can help me a bit out. I have a question to the devotion Bysmiel’s Command. In Grim Tools the chance on attack is defined by 20%.
When I check the stats in Game I see 68%. Can someone tell me why this is like it is?

I can confirm that this “dog Pet” will spawn mostly with the 1st attack. I have bounded it to the skill Reap Spirit.
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It is normal and happens to every Devotion.
Basically the longer the cooldown of the proccing skill, the higher the proc change (there are other factors too)
For example Hungering void has a base 33% chance to proc whearas Judgment proc it with 100% chance.

Grim Tools doesn’t update proc chance because the formula was unknown till recently
and even now when it is known (let me search for it) I don’t know it would be easy to code for Dammit.

To bind proc optimally to skills you have to do it in-game

[EDIT] Credit to @Ceno for finding the following formula in game files:

ProcChance = BaseProcChance * (1 + (Cooldown * 81)/100 * (1 - (Duration * 11)/100)

BaseProcChance - some constant for every devotion skill
Cooldown / Duration - those are taken from the skill you’re proccing the devotion with

Would be sweet if @Dammitt implemented it but I don’t think he’s still developing GT / how hard it’s to code.

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That explains everything. And I have searched everything in the build skills, stats and so on if there is a feature that can increase a chance on attack :smiley:

Thank you very very much @tqFan for your answer. One more mystery solved :+1:

And one more thumbs up for @Ceno! :slight_smile:

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I’m aware of that formula and I tried it couple years ago, but when used in GT it doesn’t always show the same proc chance that you see in game, so I decided to show base proc chance instead,


Dear Dammitt.

Thank you very much for stepping in. I have not expected answers from such a famous person :slight_smile:
That is really awesome.

So thank you all and a thumbs up for your great work here in the forum and on the external page GrimTools. Really really awesome!

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