Cabalist build in progress - DE/RE


Not sure if this is build is novel or not, couldn’t find one like it on the forums but I admittedly put all of 10 minutes into searching. Anywho, Cabalist focused on Vit damage utilizing Drain Essence and Ravenous Earth. I am at the end of Elite currently and have been plowing through the game and fighting mobs 6 levels higher than me. Only real hazardous times come when facing a mob that deals spike damage - like the big trolls with the giant clubs - otherwise with HP drain you can just stand there and nuke till the cows come home.

Build: - shown with some items I assume will be BiS, but can be ignored. As I said, I am currently playing this largely self-found and am doing just fine.

Thus far:
Positives -
+super easy to gear (only one piece I’d say is a must have, and its a green dagger

  • kills super fast
  • above average survivability

Negatives -

  • spike damage can kill you if you aren’t careful
  • mana intensive

However, that list of negatives may expand as I progress in difficulty. Eager to see what happens in Ultimate.

I’ll be adding more as it progresses and like I said if this is already done or if it is a copy of some well known build then I apologize for my ignorance.