Cabalist Build

SO I’m in act 4 elite with my cabalist I took an…Interesting approach to Cabalist 50 Necro/40 Occultist my cabalist is somewhat of a hybrid melee/caster basically I have a two handed sword with shard of beronath (Might replace with symbol of solael) I have maxed Spectral binding,its modifier,Harbinger of souls,soul siphon and its modifier,sigil,blood of dreed,have a single point in bone harvest,maxed dread,and a point in the 2h transmuter. Yeah yeah I know its supposedly not good but has worked splendidly for me so far question I have is what are some other spells I can add to this and should I give up rattosh constellation for something like dying god? Or Keep rattosh? I rushed to rattosh but not seeing too much synergy with the other’s as I use mostly attack to life to stay alive also yeah rattosh lowers vitality resist but so does spectral binding which is why I’m tempted to dump rattosh. For the record its not that the build is doing bad just kind of lost as to where to go from here and I wasn’t sure whether Rattosh the veilwarden was worth keeping.