Cadence + Fighting Form + Deadly Momentum


Cadence +% weapon Damage procs from every 3rd attack, but does Fighting Form and Deadly Momentum bonus apply to every attack or just every 3rd attack?


Yes /10chat

Alright, so

Fighting Form only affects the third strike of Cadence.


Deadly Momentum is actually a 4-second global buff that procs off the third hit of Cadence, and while it is active it affects absolutely every WDPS based attack you do. Possibly more than just WDPS, idk.

What he said, basically DM buffs anything with %weapon damage component in it.

I think you’ll find it adds damage to ALL attacks while active.

Ok so:

Cadence just every 3rd attack
Fightning Form just every 3rd attack
Deadly Momentum after the 3rd attack buff for 4s

Does Deadly Momentum has an internal cooldown or if you do 4 attacks in 4sec its active all the time?

Ty for the fast answers :slight_smile:

No cooldown whatsoever on Deadly Momentum. If you attack fast enough you can basically have it up all the time (as long as you have enemies to hit to keep it going, anyway).