Calidor Tempest Caster

Hi guys,

I have been thinking lately about Arcanist mastery as I have never played it before.

I am thinking about CT build with focus on fire.

Would it be viable at end game?

Arcanist will be pretty skill point tight - so what would you recommend for second mastery…not so skill point intensive :wink:

I could also use some advice on weapon recommendations and devotions.

I guess I shall go for caster type items for main hand and off hand.

Cheers guys!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have a burning Sorc with transmuted CT onepointer and maxed inferno. or
Can clear crusible gladiator with extra spawn at 10x score multiplier =).
You can aslo make fire sorc with dual invoker blaze rings .

I was thinking of maxing CT as main offensive spell.but I can see you maxed BWC.

I read BWC sorc are really good - how does CT compare to BWC in terms of dmg output?

Surely this build are viable on ultimate.

Personally I prefer this one , but, of course, you can make this build via demolitionist instead of soldier, or use “classic” combination: warpfire/Aldritch’ decree + offhand (with offhand you can use devastation, that seriously increase your damage).

Arcanist-wise this is exactly what I have in mind :slight_smile:

I want to try max CT + Inferno along with OFF.

OFF fire res reduction looks really awesome and back in DII days I can remember what Conviction on my Paladin could do :slight_smile:

I only want OFF for CC and dmg reduction. Some ppl use it for dmg too…

Arcanist looks pretty strong and selfsustainable with offence, res reduction, cc and dmg reduction.

So Soldier might be good for survivability.

All points shall go to vitality?

Inferno is useless on untransmuted CT. OFF is awesome trashclearer spell, but it dosent work on boses at all. Arcanist has 0 source of reliable res reduction in mastery. :roll:
Soldier is okaysh for CT if you want to build a tanky caster with shield.

OFF res reduction is not 100% reliable? I thought freeze was not - for example not affecting bosses. So with res reduction it’s the same story?

I thought res reduction is always applicable whereas freeze not.

And why Inferno is useless without transmuter?

OFF dosent apply dmg/debuff if it dosen freeze.So, it dosent work on big yellow nasty and bosses at all.
DoT from same source dosent stack, so recasting CT is pointless you only get one stack of burning from inferno.

Not good.

I need to rethink this whole Arcanist thing then :wink: or look for a mastery with a decent res reduction, reliable :slight_smile:

Well, maybe 2H Primal Strike lightning guy then…:rolleyes:

I have finished Gladiator Crucible with 3 CT characters and tried different combinations. I haven’t touched them since 1.06-1.07 so i can’t really say how viable they are now but i believe CT is still one of the best builds for Crucible farming

I would say don’t bother with 2H CT it really doesn’t work well despite the untested theorycrafting.

You have 3 class combination options: Battlemage, Sorcerer, Warlock.

Warlock utilizes Clairvoyant set and heavily Aether and some bit of Chaos damage and due to set it has maxed Devastation which other builds mostly dont and easiest energy management and CDR reset due to set bonuses.

Sorcerer is the most classic one you can either go Agrivix or Iskandra. Iskandra allows higher resitances and more defense. Agrivix i like to play with Decree of Aldritch to focus on converting everythin to Aether as much as possible.

Battlemage you can also go with Iskandra and although offers less constant damage the tankiness and valuable armor/armor absorption/stun reduction/bleed res/hp makes up for it and slighlt allows more offensive devotions.
If you can squeeze out points to max Fighting Spirit and War Cry then you’d have amazing tools for damage spike and constant damage reduction debuff.

Giving you some links just for you get the basic concept.

sorc is pretty nice for the damage or one can use a shield too with a battlemage :wink:

It is viable. Someone can clear crucible gladiator with CT sorc at patch (or I’m not sure) too.

I’ve a question to you guys.

Can I play spamming CT without spamming my keyboard? Or is there any way to spamming CT by holding the hotkey instead of rapidly press the button?

I tried CT mage once, but feel it’d bad for my finger and keyboard.

binding it on main lmb attack allows you just hold the mouse button… if I remember that correctly :rolleyes:

and what about resistance reduction in Arcanist/Soldier…no OFF…:confused:

Focusing on bit of Aether RR is fine you dont really need to focus on fire imo.

Generally either Warpfire/Decree with Band of the Eternal Hunt + Widow is more than enough RR, heck many people would crucify you for having less than 2600 OA but i beat Glad with 2200 OA Sorcerer with slightly overleveled Flashbang.

Some sort of DA reduction and around 50/%+ total RR and your good.

Bind it to LMB and just holding it around yourself, basically CT’s range keeps you spamming it.

Try this, its fire based:

With all those devastations and meteor shower going on it should melt everything with no issue.
You can easily make it more defensive or more offensive depending on your play stile by changing some skill points distribution and devotions.

Here’s a Fire Callidor’s guide i wrote. Nothing special but is able to clear Ultimate and Mad Queen. You might want to tweak and change some things to include OFF or other skills you might want.

Some good Dreeg/Solael pants and better Exalted Treads than what i was using and you should be able to make the character tankier than i did.

Ayyy that is your BWC Sorc setup you optimized it to CT like 4 seconds ago :smiley:
I tried Flame Torrent on CT but with Agrivix Malice and Mark of Anethema for triple ring.

I didnt made that CT setup much less optimized it its something on to do list for me :slight_smile:
But basics are the same and I call it triple devastation setup. It works what ever skill you chose to add to it (BWC, grenado, CT,…) and even if you dont add any it still works, because 2 x devastation and meteor shower are more than enough to put anything down in decent time.
It will really come to full power with expansion and enough skill points to max two (or maybe even 3) additional spells together with devastations (like CT and BWC together, or something like that).