Call the storm needs a visual uplift

Crate are no strangers to updating visual effects, and many skills and devotions got a visual uplift over the year (RIP old TSS, gone but not forgotten). The conversion FX changes back in the day absolutely blew my mind, and are one of the reasons I stuck with GD so hard. So I’d really like devs to extend that treatment to a family of skills that, at 2954 hours, I still consider to be the worst visual effect in the game.

It’s this goddamn storm. The one on the left, not the wind devil convergence. You might recognize the effect from Codex of Eternal Storms cast, from Ultos set bonus proc, and IIRC Mogdrogen throws it around in his fight. Those bad sprites of lightning, that get stretched and fall like some weird rain drops, or like blue spaghetti.

It’s sad, especially next to something as simple as Lightning bolt, a rare affix proc skill, and an actually amazing lightning strike visual. It’s extra sad that this one is on several skills, as it feels like something forgotten since the days of kickstarter. Please update it for FoA. Our big-ass lightning storms deserve better animations.

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huh, i rather like that skill FX :thinking:
would be kinda boring if everything was tempest lightning bolts, no?

True, but the blue spaghetti definitely need to go.

It’s not the worst Vfx in the game, but most item skills looks and sound extremely weak that all of them could use a rework imo so im up for it.


Item skills look rather poor. The worst offender is Oblivion, because the skill is actually decent and used as main ability in certain builds. But it looks really bad.

what @_@ oblivion red carpet looks frickin dope, don’t you dare touch that

It’s great in idea, but awful in execution. It looks low poly, it clips the ground and the enemies.

ofc it clips the enemies, it has passthrough? dafuq
the ground clipping/interaction dislike i can understand, but that pretty much goes for any ground FX skill, even stuff that isn’t moving

Devil’s Breath functions similarly, but looks much better

don’t they use the exact same skill/template just in different colours? @_@ - if so how can they be much different ?

Well, I don’t know how to express myself properly, but I’d say that Devil’s Breath looks smoother and more natural than Oblivion. It’s hard to put it into words for me

it’s weird, because looking at the FX in the editor Oblivion actually appears to sit higher from the ground, but ingame is lower to the ground than breath
*tho i’ve also basically no clue what stuff in the PSeditor means :sweat_smile:

IDK, I like Oblivion. Running it on chthonic-themed char, it does look like sending tides of blood at enemy.