Callidor's Tempest to Inferno question

Alright, so I assume if I wear Beronath Reforged, even the Inferno burn damage turns into Internal Trauma… right?

Is it the same if you are converting 100% of Callidor’s tempest damage to physical, does that also change Inferno’s, and any other sub skills coming off of that?


Via skill modifier yes.

That’s a weird wording because

  1. there’s no skill modifiers converting CT to Physical
  2. there are no other subskills of CT other than Inferno

:thinking: so it sounds more like a general question and in general not all conversion skill modifiers convert all their subskills

Yes, I was just using that skill as an example because of a thought I had.

I suppose I should have been clearer when asking, that if for example you did have an item that said 100% of calidors elemental damage converted to physical… that items conversion would also apply to the subskills?

Unfortunately there are exceptions from this which you can read about here Secondary Skill Modifiers

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global converstion always converts everything.
if there´s an item skill modifier, converting to smth different.

item skill modifiers however do NOT always convert everything (namely: skill mods, e.g. inferno, see the link).

Another exception is when Elemental -> X / Single Element -> Y compete one of them sometimes doesn’t work at all.
(depending on their distribution amongst items slots and if they are from auras or not).

@Heartfist, please don’t ask what this is all about if you want to keep your sanity.

I’m already losing it and still don’t fully understand everything in that link, lol.

Is it safe to assume if it shows up on the sheet DPS, it would be converted?

Something like Inferno off of Calidor’s tempest or Volcanic Stride from Vire’s Might don’t seem to add to the sheet DPS. I suppose since the fire trail is separate.

I already hate and love this game… kind of like path of exile which I played for like 5 years, lol.

Inferno isn’t added to CT? What? It’s a straight up buff to CT, unlike Volcanic Stride or Torrent for example. It just adds damage to it, you know?

Generally all skills on a skill line add to the base skill and are effected by skill modifiers to it. So Inferno’s Lightning and Burn damage stack directly on top of Callidor’s Tempest, anything that effects base Callidor’s Tempest will by extension effect Inferno if it applies appropiately like Elemental conversion.

The exception are secondary skills. Without making it complicated, think of these as their own seperate skills that triggers whenever the skill they are attached to triggers e.g. whenever you use Primal Strike, it by extension casts Torrent but otherwise the two aren’t attached in the same way as Callidor’s Tempest and Inferno. So skill modifiers to Primal Strike like conversion don’t effect Torrent, only global conversion does as it converts all damage. If it helps, you can also think of secondary skills like devotion procs where for example Primal Strike and Torrent is a similar situation to binding Primal Strike to Hand of Ultos.

The specific list of these secondary skills is in the link tqFan listed.

And as long as we’re talking about damage conversion even though it was never brought up there is ZERO conversion to or from bleeding.

FYI, bleeding conversion isn’t possible in Grim Dawn

Yeah cause only flat damage types (and their associated dots) can be converted, whereas bleed has no flat damage type just like aether and chaos have no dot

Perhaps my poorly worded reply was cause for confusion… sorry about that, not that I should apologize for misunderstanding I don’t feel was because of what I said.
I did say that there is no (zero) conversion to or from bleed.
Many people ask and assume there is only to find out later that is not the case~

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