Cally's Driving Me Nut's Again

Modified my Witch Hunter acid melee build to this: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator GD stashed the weapons due to being to impatient to dig through the stashes for the others I’ve got…

Will be able to take her down with this build, but I’m too tired to pilot well enough >_< So I keep getting killed by stuffing up or by bugs with SS or Cally teleporting to the bottom of me on the screen and making me panic.

Definitely can’t melee her with the standard version, because she hits too hard for Ghoul and Bloodthirster to handle her attacks, so hit and run it is lawl. Probably should shift the medal to Myth. Undying Oath for the boni to BoD and PB :upside_down_face:

At least I’m getting somewhere with her compared to Crate or my previous attempt with an acid retaliation sentinel… That one burnt me out of the game completely and it was on Elite too :persevere:

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Maybe changing the rings will help?
I’m not sure if it will be really much better, but it’s mainly because the granted ability can’t be activated on Calla. Maybe something like Mythical Lifegiver Signet+Mythical Obsidian Seal? Or maybe General Viloth’s Ring of the Basilisk + Stanching Cronley’s Signet of the Dranghoul (though both are incredibly GDStash-y)?
One thing that could actually help a bit would be moving points away from WPS to Dual Blades for the Phys Res, I think, given Cally’s love for big Physical nukes.

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An maybe a Scaled Hide on the pants for 100% armor absorb as well? Though I’m not sure if full armor absorb is better than flat HP

You could move points from Nightfall for example to Aspect of the Guardian for 5% more Phys Res

With 16/12 Aspect of the Guardian and 16/16 Dual Blades you can gain 42% permanent Phys Res with Blood of Dreeg active, it could be worth it


Yeah, I think that will be the best bet, since the rings are too much of a pain to replace at this stage. Will probably change the component on the pants too, since every bit of armour helps against Cally it seems.

She is deads:

Died 3 times, but then again I had a bad night’s sleep due to night sweats, so I’ll take it. About 10 minutes of seat of the pants hit and run SS using this build:

Was getting poison ticks of about 80K at best on average, and 50K was the usual DoT tick. Not bad for some gear and skill point swaps.