Can a decent Witchblade be made around this?

Today, this dropped

I can feel this is good in some way, but nothing comes to mind, because I myself think, that Forcewave a pretty subpar to Blade Arc on WB and I already have Battlemage with Blade Arc and it would be boring to lvl almost the same char again. On the other hand, those bonuses and cast speed are asking to try. Would be much appreciated if someone could suggest a build around this item, or talk me out of it, because it seems that there always something is missing in terms of defence or offence when I try to play around Grimcalc filling the full Forcewave tree - I am always just short of points to get everything, what looks essential either for surviving or offence. THX in advance.

That’s a double magic affix that only adds a small amount of flat chaos damage. Wait until you get at least 1 rare affix before you make a build around it. Affixes like “demonic”, “of the abyss” or “of solael’s malice” might actually be worth making a build around.

I have a forcewave commando, can’t recommend it to be honest. It does damage, but not that much. It has crowd control, but it never works on heros or bosses. It has two modifiers, but they are very weak and a waste of skillpoints. Don’t build around it unless you are a masochist (if you are you’re in for a treat).

Thx for ur answers, guys. I will probably postpone this WB on a long shelf until changes in Forcewave then.

Forcewave with a good Obsidian War Cleaver (mine is Officer’s of Fury) is a decent build. It can clear the content but you have to spend a little bit of time killing the bosses. Definitely not a top tier build but still can be enjoyed if you like forcewave. In my build I definitely could use more cast speed as I only have 155%
With Curse of Fraility & Break Morale you get really good resist reduction on Physical damage.