Can a self-found mode option be added to the game please?

Dear Crate!

Is there a chance that FG will introduce some kind of Self-found mode?

I never liked the idea of using gear grinded on other characters. It kinda ruins the whole purpose of action-rpg for me. I feel like every character should be viable enough to get gear by himself. By allowing shared stash you just rip-off a huge section of gameplay, careful and neat planning for your newly born character from scratch. That’s why people start asking to allow them to skip entire difficulties and tens of levels for new characters…

I know i can delete game data every time i start a new character but this is kinda annoying. Plus, there could be some special tweaks for this kind of mode. Like increased drop chances, achievements, you name it.

Another issue i’d like to adress is crafting. And green items specifically. I know everyone is obsessed with legendaries, but crafting your own green gear could be so much fun. There are lots of suffixes and prefixes in the game but noone ever use that mechanics because… you know… you can just farm legendaries 24/7.

That would be awesome if you allow to “reforge” green item stats like replacing a suffix or a prefix or even adding a 3rd one or else. For a decent cost ofc. That would open so much more opportunities for new builds and ways of improving your plays.


I think it’s just called self-discipline if you want to do self-found. Don’t put items into the transfer part of the stash - simple. Very unlikely to make a separate mode for that.

And you can already craft green items at the blacksmith so long as you’ve found the recipe/blueprint for them.

That is most certainly not why anyone (except you) would ask any such thing. Just think about the logic surrounding what you just said. It fails at every point. People want to skip difficulties because they don’t want to take the time to go thru all the content every single time with new characters (it takes a long time) not because of some self-found urge or because a shared stash exists. That’s a ridiculous notion and people would ask for this with or without the existence of a shared stash. It’s the vogue thing of late in the diablo-sphere, this notion of doing away with successive playthrus.

Every character you play in GD (main campaign) is viable thru self-found. All it takes is some knowledge of the games mechanics and utilizing that knowledge in an intelligent manner. The game itself needs to do nothing further for this to be true.

Anyway, want to play self-found? Do what everyone else does. Play self-found. It’s that easy. I do it all the time. I’ve done it across hundreds (possibly thousands) of characters IN Grim Dawn. There is no excuse I can readily see that you can’t as well.

woah woah! easy… you sound like i offended you in some way. While i didn’t mean to. Everything i was asking for was a “legit” game mode. No need to point out that i can play self-found w/o it. I’ve mentioned that in my original post. Im quite aware of that. I was just hoping devs can introduce it “officially” as a separate option alongside with some buff to drop rates/achievements (dunno why am i repeating this, may be because you didnt even read through my post).

We got “hardcore” as an option, and noone objects that. I’m sure if there was no such an option in the game and it wasnt common in arpgs… and i would come with the same proposal about adding “hardcore” as a new mode, you’ll just start bashing me for that saying something like “you can just track your death count in a regular session why do you need a separate option!!!”. So ye, that sounds quite logical. And btw you can apply your way of thinking to your urge for skipping difficulties. Just cheat it. Why do you need a special authorisation from devs?

And while you deny my reasoning of why people ask for skipping difficulties, i wouldn’t insist on it, no big deal. I was a bit sarcastic with that statement. But it’s ok if you didn’t get it. FYI i’ll be completely fine if devs do both. Self-found and “skip everthing, get all gear, god mode” you name it. Why can’t everyone have fun?

Honestly I can see no point in this. Legit game mode to do self-found? Does any other ARPG have such a thing? A lot of work for little return imho. You already have a legit game mode to do this with. Just don’t use the transfer stash. Plenty of people manage to play this way.

No worries. I just come across as abrupt, brisk, to the point (especially in writing). I wasn’t offended, just in heavy disagreement with your reasoning (in that instance) :wink: I tend to get that way when I see something where the logic behind it is off.

Path of Exile. It serves additional purposes though. To prevent trade between players which is less of an issue in GD.

Online game with closed servers. GD not, plus trading is a biggish part of the game too.

Still fail to see anything to justify the work needed to do this when self-discipline on your part does exactly the same thing.

I don’t really get why you keep bringing self-discipline up. I’ve said im playing that way in the original post. It’s not about self-control or w/e. If you follow that logic you could as well drop balls on hacker protection/bug abusing just hoping people won’t cheat.

I’ve said it before. We got hardcore as a mode. Why then? Because people like to compete for achievements like that. And they want them to be highlighted in some way. I can agree though, that w/o some kind of even a remote ranking system it doesnt matter for GD which is a loss (obviously). Impementing something that will track your progress/achievements would help to attract more players.

And beg my pardon but i sincerely doubt that adding such a mode would take a lot of time.

Because rogue-likes are generally one life only and Diablo was inspired largely by rogues. Plus it is actually more of an ‘achievement’ to attempt to survive with a single life only.

To be fair, on your count, your rogue-likes also were essentially self-found as-is. Then again getting achievements for playing self-found don’t have quite the same ring to it as playing hardcore.

And no I don’t imagine it would actually be all that hard for them to implement. Just add in an option, I suppose, for it that when checked basically ignores/comments out the shared stash code or some such wizardry. There may be a little more work involved but overall it sounds fairly simple with my admittedly limited knowledge of coding. I don’t care one way or the other tho. I’m good as-is.


Technically, you can isolate a new character from all others, and thus create a self-found character for yourself. No buffs to drop rates though. :wink:

How to: Create a folder within the mod folder, name the folder.
The new folder now shows up as a mod, although it isn´t one. Just play it as a mod with a new character.

Maybe that helps. If you want increased droprates with this, you´d have to make an actual mod. Doubt the devs will ever create an actual self-found mode as you described, it simply wouldn´t be financially viable.

We got hardcore because a lot of players like to play that way and have done so long before things such as achievements were ever introduced into gaming. I haven’t really looked at them, but from what I remember softcore and hardcore achievements are pretty much the same for the game: slay so many monsters, slay this or that boss/hero, craft this or that, etc. I can’t see where self-found is discrminated against in all that. And what other achievements do you need? I found this item or that? Can’t just make that self-found because people can and will make items from third party tools and get the achievement that way.

You want increased drop rates which presumably may need balancing which may indeed be more work than you think.

Still, it’s up to the devs if they even consider this.

At some point people will actually create their own thread in the Ideas and Feedback forum instead of hijacking unrelated threads. Ha, Ha, Ha! :rolleyes:

True, split coming up. :smiley:

Thanks medea! Much appreciated! :smiley:

The reason GGG added that mode is because the default mode is being online, on a server, and able to trade with anyone on the server.

In GD, you’ve got to do extra actions in order to get online to trade with people.
The default in GD is single player. So SSF already done. :smiley:

what I would like to see is an option for learning a blueprint, like “learn for this char only” and “learn for all chars”

And why would you want this?

The theme of the thread is “Self found” and if you really want to play a build 100% self found, you have keep track of moving your formulas.gst/gsh files just to make sure your char do not have access to blueprints learned by other chars.

But as was explained earlier, one could just make a self-found mod or something like that.

How to create a self found mod in 3 easy steps

1 : open asset manager
2 : create new mod titled ssf mod or whatever you likr
3 : build the mod (push f7) (yes you literally have to do nothing)

Done. Now play the mod, it shouldn’t use any existing characters (unless you play mods already) and I’m pretty sure the shared stash and known recipes are separate from other mods.