Can a yellow item ever top a green one?

I play only solo self-found, and despite having played a bit of GD am not quite sure if a yellow item can still drop a very good combo of prefix and suffix that might be better than a green. I’m not talking about top end gear items, but stuff for levels 40-80.
So I am still loathe to set my loot filter to green+ but is that just a waste of time? Is it even possible for a really good yellow to drop? (Not counting having to look through all of it…)

What’s your level?
Personally I stop considering yellow items after around lvl 40. I still often turn on yellow+ filter and pick up all yellows to flash-sell it without checking.

EDIT: and I also very rarely find use for items that drop past lvl 40, I mostly batch-craft a few of items of the gear piece I want to update.

EDIT2: as for your question - a lot of green affixed are scaled fairly bad to lower levels, e.g. Stonehide is of the most valued green affixes later in the game but it’s garbage early on.

EDIT3: also the question isnt’ very correct. There are a plethora of garbage green affixes like Seraphim that aren’t useful to most build, on the other hand something like Impervious Gloves of Alacrity is fine using even on high levels.

EDIT4: just replaced lvl 50 blue shoulders with Impervious of Protection, heh.

It might be easier to find some specific stats if you include yellow items - e.g. if you want to upgrade your weapon and want it to have +attack speed.

Is it possible - definitely! Two useful magical affixes will easily top even a double rare if the rare mods are mismatched to themselves and/or the base item.

That said, I’ve never* found it useful to sort through all the yellow junk in the hopes of that one good double useful yellow - there is just too many of them! Picking them up will slow you down and in turn reduce the number of greens and blues (and latter purples) that you get, not to mention XP.

You may miss out on a few upgrades while leveling but you’ll never miss a “must have” item by filtering yellows, and you’ll level faster, which means you’ll get higher level items sooner…which means at the end of the day you’ll upgrade faster by skipping yellow upgrades!

*caster builds, especially non-cast speed (cooldown based) casters may find a yellow weapon good until they have access to a build appropriate MI. This is the one exception I could think of where I actually will sort through yellows because for say a Sigil character just starting out a (vitality base) of decay is fairly easy to find if you are sorting through yellow wand/dagger items and you can get a lot of milage out of such an item.

There are quite a few topics about this if you want further reading, but the answer is: Set your filter to green+ at level 14ish and never look back.

Some yellow items can be (very rarely) better than some green items, but you’ll never see this in practice. Once you factor in the amount of time spent looking through garbage and traveling back and forth to town, you’ll quickly find that you’ve cost yourself a significant amount of time for leveling or obtaining better items. The only possible exception to this is the craftable magic high-level items, but those items aren’t drops so you won’t need the filter and you’ll be creating them yourself which means you’ll be watching them appear in your inventory.

For an item to be yellow, it must be common or magic with only one or two magic affixes. There are better versions of both the items and affixes in the rare category (with very few exceptions, but even those exceptions rely on the second affix being green anyway), and if the base item is rare or there’s even a single rare affix, the item will be green.

So as mentioned before, there will always be a better variant of anything yellow you find, and they’re not all that uncommon.

With the rate at which you’ll find currency and sell other greens, you won’t need the yellows for bits either.

More often then not I have found yellow rings and medals to be better then greens or even legendaries when getting a “resistant of spellweaving” with relevant damage type

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In my limited experience in this game I’ve found that yellow items are often better than the greens and blues I find; so I never ignore them. An item has to fit the needs of my build at the time I find it (or within a couple of levels after I find it) if it is to be useful to me. It’s color is irrelevant to me.