Can anyone guess what this picture is about?

Here is a screenshot of something i did today

Pulled the rager outside of her lair…

That’s not it.

She’s out due to the recent AI change she got this patch. I think many people used the previous AI to kite her more effectively

oh thats good he follows you further. That invisible line she would never cross was so easy to abuse

Yeah i suppose. So anymore guesses?

She didn’t drop any lootz or you killed her only using meteor from devotion tree?

She yelled out “their all going to laugh at you!!” as she fell to the floor dying?

There is some truth to this. But keep trying. Take a close look at the picture

Is that -128 iron?

You noticed something even i could barely see. Congrats.

But no

Well, the only other thing I see of consequence is that you hit 85?

That or you forgot to loot that tombstone. :slight_smile:

I’m beginning to think what i did isn’t really a big thing which is why no one is pointing it out when it’s right in front of you

punched her to death, no weapon?

Alright, let’s evaluate what’s going on in the picture.

You’re a warlock.

You have what looks like Sacred Strike or Beronath’s Fury (probably Beronath’s Fury judging by the counter on your buffs bar) bound to both mouse buttons.

You’ve got Maivens Sphere, Blood of Dreeg, Solael’s Witchfire, IEE, Fire Aura from Enchanted Flint, Nullification, Reckless Power, Mirror and CoF that we can see for sure. My guess is you’re some kind of… melee or ranged-weapon (hopefully the latter) warlock. That looks kind of like one of Benn’jahr’s shoulders on your toon.

You have some kind of devotion effect active (and about to expire).

You died at least once (I can see your gravestone).

Ummm… yeah I have no idea what I’m supposed to see.

EDIT: Are you some kind of retaliation build? The only active attacking skill I can see is Beronath’s Fury.

My only guess is something to do with dying and experience and leveling, but I don’t know what it would be.

You killed her so fast your buff/debuff CD’s have barely begun to countdown…


You’re life is completely full and not depleted at all when she died…


You stabbed her to death with a partial serrated spike!!!


ok I’m going to bed…my eyes hurt…

On your minimap… What is the skull symbol?

That’s his gravestone.

That is his grave thingy from where he died prior. :wink:

Edit: ninjad

LoL! I was so sure… “I am a genius! No-one else have noticed this!” :smiley: