Can anyone help point me towards some viable hardcore builds?

I want to put my time into a hardcore build which can clear well and is very tanky (might be too much to ask for). I dont play crucible if im honest i just want something for main game content and for killing lokarr. Even better if its safe for forgotten gods dlc/AoM.
Thanks all :slight_smile:

I’d go with a Krieg DK, or Dark Ones Conjurer/Ritualist if you want a build that you can target farm for.
Else my personal preference for a no-gear build is a fire/burn shieldbreaker which can function on faction gear and some random greens.

Like Kriegor said, Dark One builds are awesome as vitality casters are good without it and will be even stronger once you’ve successfully target farmed the set. In addition to Ritualist and Conjurer (got builds for both classes on YT), you can also play Dark One vitality caster as a Cabalist and Oppressor. Krieg DK/Battlemage are really good aswell.

My personal side favorite would be a Bomberman Demo. Second class either Arcanist, Oathkeeper or Inquisitor. Bombs don’t need gear to deal lots of dmg while leveling and there are easy to get green MIs that streamline your damage via conversion to fire or lightning. Maybe not that tanky, but they can kite around for days. Got a shieldbreaker and sorcerer endgame setup which even killed Crate of Entertainment as forum posts and on YT.

Between Krieg DK and Dark One’s Conjurer/Ritualist/Cabalist/Oppressor, is there a consensus as to which is better overall, regarding target farming? In other words, is one stronger than the others when fully geared or easier to fully gear up in terms of drop rates and/or the difficulty of the area or enemies where the gear is farmed?

Krieg is easier to farm by a long shot.
The area where you have to farm Dark Ones is vastly more dangerous and can get you killed if you arent careful and properly prepared.
I’d say one isnt neccessarily better than the other, they are both strong, Krieg DK being a lot tankier than any Dark Ones build, but Dark Ones has quite a bit more damage and AoE.

Krieg has a higher power floor and Krieg set is easier to get (farmable on elite or ultimate). Dark One builds have a higher power ceiling, but Dark One is harder to get (farmable on ultimate only).
So yea overall Krieg set is easier to assemble, but a fully geared Dark One char will be stronger than a Krieg char.
Also when you are farming for Krieg set in act 6, take the additonal time to kill theodin on top (act 6 endboss) as his green scepter is one of the best replacements for mindwarp, the weapon which you want to use alongside Krieg but is a rare random drop.


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