Can Darkblaze Get Some Love Please?

I know you guys are busy with FF. But can Darkblaze at least get the nerfs it suffered lately reversed (myth Exterminus proc as well)? Set is clearly not overperforming (at least I haven’t seen anything doing super fast CR clears), and as it was always a pure glass cannon, can it get the crazy damage back that it once had? I mean, after all it’s only like 8% rr and some flat chaos to FS. Please pretty please.


It needs health and it needs it yesterday. 11k HP is really uncomfortable, but the funny thing is that the set already gives like 1,2k flat HP. Some 8-10% HP on a 3 or 4 piece bonus would be of a great help.

Oh yeah, and % fire/burn on amulet. Every other piece has it actually, but the one that has the most reason to have it, doesn’t have it. But the helmet that converts fire to chaos sure does have % fire damage - because logic, I guess.

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Or just give the set full vit to chaos conversion and slap wendigo proc on firestrike then you get immortality !


I feel like more health takes away from the balls to the wall, sheer damage output of the glass cannon Darkblaze is; in other words, the identity of the set.

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Also some racial damage to Eldritch (like 8-12%) would be a very nice thematic touch. :grin:

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