Can Etram Fald craft AoM and FG legendaries?

Can Etram Fald craft AoM and FG legendaries? And another question - do Bella Fald and Algosia Fals craft guranteed DLC items or can craft vanilla items too?

I found this guide Сraftsmen of Cairn

Unique crafts: Can craft random legendary items from chosen category. The item level is limited by 75. You need the following components for craft:

Bella and Algosia can craft vanilla items too.

So what is the difference between those two aside from different crafting materials they use?

My guess is that Bella can’t craft FG items.

Some people do not have AoM or just have AoM but not FG.

I know someone did extract and analyzed Bella’s list of possible item crafts and their chances to be crafted (it was not uniform), but that was in AoM, no idea if anyone has done this for FG yet.

Does that mean that if I want a specific FG item I need use Algosia’s crafting service otherwise if I need an AoM item I have to visit Bella?

It is a gamble, you can not CHOOSE what item you will get :stuck_out_tongue:

afaik Bella can craft vanilla and AoM items, Algosia can craft vanilla, AoM and FG items.

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Yes, it works in this way! :slight_smile: