Can I switch my account from GOG to Steam?

Apparently, GOG and Steam players cannot see each other. Is there a way to switch my account from GOG to Steam?

I am asking because i tried to trade items with somebody (very patient man) who bought/plays Grim Dawn via Steam and we couldn’t see or join each other’s games.

Sorry, no. You’d have to buy another copy of the game on Steam.

If I buy another game via Steam, would I be able to transfer my save files over? I’d hate to start a new toon, I finally hit 100 last week.

I am asking this because I just tried trading with somebody using a Steam account and I wasn’t able to see his game. It seems most people use Steam instead of GOG.

If you use local saves or move your GOG cloud saves to local saves then both versions of the game will have access to them.

Do I need to buy AOM and Crucible again to play the whole game?

If that’s what you have on GOG then yes. For the main campaign you’ll need Ashes definitely. Crucible only if you like playing it, it’s not necessary for the base game/AoM.

Humble Bundle has a sale on atm on both base game and AoM.

Medea. Do we have an active, current trading thread for GoG players. If not, can I start one sometime?

Don’t think there’s a dedicated GOG trading thread though you can post in the current ones just specifying you’re on GOG rather than Steam. You can certainly start one if you want to.

Cool thanks, I need a bit more to trade with first but I’ll definitely get on it in the near future, which forum section is best suited?

Put it in Gameplay Discussion where the rest of the trading threads are.

Sorry for hijacking the thread but my issue is quite similar.

As of today I migrated from the GoG versio to the Steam one and had succesfully followed the guide for the save file migration. Although the game can load the save file just fine, I have no quests in the quest log and every region/place I have been seems out of bound, for example, Devil’s Crossing’s gate is closed and there’s no NPC’s outside apart from one guy. Am I missing something?

What do you mean you migrated? If you use local saves then both Steam and GOG use the same save location so you need do nothing.

I mean I switched versions. As I state the Steam version can load the GoG save file but the above issue occur.

Is it local save file though? If not then use this to help you work out how to move the GOG cloud saves into local ones. Then Steam should be able to access them if you have cloud saving in both Steam and the ingame options turned off.

Yes, the GoG save file was a local save file from the beggining, no cloud involved. As I mention the Steam version have no issue loading the GoG save file, the problem is in-game missing assets. The quest log is empty and it seems like there is no campaign progress.

Um, strange. Have you verified the game files? Restarted Steam after the installation? It sometimes needs that to get things to work properly.

Yes, I have done that. I am attaching a ss picturing the issue.



So, I guess there is no solution to this, right? If that’s the case I might move back to GoG…