Can items roll values that aren't whole numbers?

Asking cause I got some weird numbers on my skills. I’m currently playing Aether Doom Bolt Cabalist with 100% conversion on both Vitality and Chaos to Aether. I’m quite confused as I’m supposed to have exactly 100% Chaos to aether conversion (shown in picture below) but my doom Bolt still has a bit of Chaos remaining in it. My vitality part works as intended and my items have a total of 101% conversion (not shown in picture). I don’t have any items that convert any damage type to chaos nor any doom bolt skill modifier.

24+21+55 = 100, yet there’s still a bit of chaos here. The only reason I can think of for this, aside from being a bug is the possiblity that my items rolled below 100% but had >99.5% conversion, displayed as 100%.

Grimtools if you need it: