Can My Character Be Salvaged?

Hey everybody. Just as the above title says, I was curious if my character could be salvaged at all or if it would be best to start over? Currently I am level 40 and I am dying to everything but white mobs. Yellow+ enemies hit me for over 25% of my health per blow. At least it seems like it’s three hits. All I know is when a yellow mob throws garbage at me, a bunch of health disappears. And as for bosses it’s basically down to just dropping a portal next to it and zerging it over and over again until it dies. I think it took like 15 deaths to beat the act III boss.

Difficulty: Normal
Area: Act IV

Physique: 603
Cunning: 376
Spirit: 205
Health: 3871
Energy: 1187

Offensive Ability: 888
Defensive Ability: 907
Damage Per Second: 1465
Armor Rating: 307

Fire Res: 41%
Piercing Res: 45%
Stun Res: 44%
Rest at 0

I’m not really sure what other information to provide. I made a post previously about my build and that grimcalc is what people came back and told me to do, though I added extra points into Pneumatic Burst for the extra healing. It helped for about five levels, as I posted that when I was sitting at around level 35 I believe, but now that I am level 40 I’m back against the same wall again.

I read somewhere to get life leech, but in my 200 hours of Steam game time on Grim Dawn I have yet to find an item that has life leech on it. Yeah I know with 200 hours played I should already know this stuff but a lot of that time was spent idle. Plus I’m not very good at figuring these things out on my own.

Thanks in advanced.


I assume you are dying mostly to Ch’tonians. Do you use Imued silver in weapon with the aura activated and also have a Sanctified boune in your head armor? If not you should. Do you have life steal? Youse a houllowd fang in weapon or any Item with Vampiric prefix or of voracity. Goulddevotion has a 4% lifesteal node that you can use early game until you get better gear.

Also take somepoints out of Flashbang for now (not searing light) and work to get Blast shield ASAP. Get it to 5 points for now

I think the problem lies with the fact that early game melee is kinda weak. Atleast imo. If nothing works then use Greater Fireblast from Flintcore bolts to level


I die to pretty much anything. Ch’thonians being number one, but all the others being a close second. And I don’t have any of those reagents. Never even seen them drop. Do you have to craft them?


Level 40 is considered early game? Not trying to be a smart-ass, I’m actually curious.

Yes craft imbued silver at blacksmith. It’s cheap. Sanctified bone is a bit more expensive to craft but doable.

Get Blast shield it will make a huge impact. Spome points in vindictive flame don’t hurt either. Enemies get sunned in an AoE when they hit you. You also Attack faster so more life steal and som nige regen that adds up wtih pneumatic burst

Last thread you made weren’t you like 32 or something? I call that early game since my playstyle is different during that point. No 40 isn’t early game. I think this is the time you should focus on faction gear and like Fluff Fluff said on Blast Shield. Blast Shield will make you immortal.

Alright I’ll give those suggestions a try.

Also, is there a way to redo devotion points?

At your level. Spirit guide + Aether crytals. Later on you can use tonic of Clarity

If he gets it that is :eek:

They’re not easy to find since only 3/5 nemesis are easy to find out of those 3, two of them have had their loot tables nerfed and third one might spawn behind a skeleton key.

Focus on green and blue items with resistances, health and physique. Also use materia.
If you do not have those items, get them killing previous bosses.
If your build still feels weak, consider use a shield.


Okay so I did what you said. I didn’t have enough materials to make a whatever bone but I did make the things for my weapons that gave me the 20% chaos res aura. I also took points out of flashbang and put them into blast shield and I gotta say, those simple changes made a night and day difference. Went from getting my butt handed to me at level 40, to one-shotting the final boss at level 44 in less than a minute.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is thanks for the help, it made a huge difference.


Thanks for the info.

Now that I am in elite I don’t really know what to do with my skill build. I tried looking up the builds on these forums but they all require gear that I don’t have. Should I be looking for skills that increase my survivability or my offense, or what? I’m not asking you guys to build my character for me but any suggestions would be appreciated.

No problem:)

In elite start building up elemental resistances. Craft molten skin and Rigid shell and Dense fur. You can replace the impued silver with purrified salts for act 1 and 2. Try to get hollowed ground and put it in chest. Also a Scaled hide to increase armor absorption. Corpse dust in rings

Alright did all that. It helped out quite a bit. Now I think I need more damage. I’m level 50 and only dealing like 800 to 1.5k crits. Takes forever to kill something.