Can not have fun

What is the reason behind the decision to make hard cap on Atckspeed at 200% ?
I’m trying to make glass-cannon Nightblade, im only lvl 54 and i already reached atkspeed cap (more than 220+ AS with skills).
I feel like i can not have fun with this character anymore.

Start stacking damage then, how in heaven’s earth would it ruin the fun once u hit cap on something…

What used to ruin things for me was, when speed was uncapped, none of the legendary gloves could beat an empowered blue.

I chose the path of physical DD and all my gear have AS on it, so it’s just a wasted potential. Every good item with physical/piercing dmg have AS.
What is the point of placing so many AS items and skills in the game when you have hard cap at laughable 200% ?

I don’t know what exactly are you talking about, but i found that crafted green items are much better than 99% of the blues and even legendaries, because you can craft items with very specific affixes and pretty high values for your level.
It’s obvious that game has a very little amount of not-randomized high level items for WRPG.

I hope devs will find the way to balance AS instead of completely nerfing it.
As for now, i’m done with this game.


People are weird. I fail to see how 200% AS is laughable.

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… Seriously what’s with everyone’s issue 140/150 attack speed is plenty fast especially when dual wielding

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bye, won’t understand you on this, 200% AS is fine, certainly not preventing fun or even forcing someone to leave. This must be the weirdest reason for this ever…

May be you should read his posts before posting responses.
Oh well, i’ll do that for you.
So, he is 54 lvl and he already have more AS than 200. He also plays physical DD, which means AS for his character is - more damage and more lifesteal=survivability.
When he will reach higher lvls he will not benefit in any way from higher AS, simply because devs decided instead of balancing just nerf it. So one of the main stat of his build/charater is now useless in terms of improving damage output.
Here you go.

So he quits because he can’t kill things faster? I’m not really convinced on OP’s issue. I haven’t hit any brick walls yet with this game, even on Ultimate.

If this was PoE or D3, I’d understand. In PoE, if I stop spamming my skill for even a split second, I die. In D3, I need to fish for a zombie rift just to be able to finish the run on time. GD is completely different in a sense that even if I don’t aim for min/maxing my build (imperfect rolls on gear/spreading points on multiple skills), I can still enjoy all content without dying too much.

I don’t know…

You know, this thread is not about you being satisfied with your build.
It’s about stupid decisions devs make in terms of game mechanics.

You’re right, I shouldn’t have made it personal. I’m having fun, you guys don’t.

Goodluck with your issues!

Is the AS a recent change? I thought it was about that anyway? :confused: Shouldn’t make that much difference. TQ had a cap of 220% iirc so a little more, but 200% should be fine.

Are you stupid or something? How is Titan quest relevant here?
Stop posting responses when you clearly have nothing to say.

Your comments are what is coming across as stupid.

See believing the devs are stupid because of a game mechanic that you don’t like says you can’t possibly consider other reasons why it was done. (i.e. different weapon types, 2H vs 1H, proc balance, etc).

Don’t be so antagonising based on your own narrow assumptions.

Excuse me! Whether it’s relevant or not, it’s a public forum and I can contribute as I please. And it may be relevant given that the game is built on the old TQ engine. Or did you miss that bit? :rolleyes: There may be a limit to how far they can push the engine for things like AS, I don’t know.

Nor have you answered my question as to whether this is a recent change to AS or not. As far as I’m aware the AS has always been around the 200% mark. If that’s the case then the OP really shouldn’t complain about it. If it’s a recent change then yes, he can moan about it - but it may not change anything as far as the devs are concerned.

Oh look, T.L.Gamer is back…

To all the butthurt - the AS cap is about balance, but not a tool to piss you off.
It isn’t a matter of personal preferences and what one does like or not, as such mechanics with a potential to inflict serious balance issues, are always treated specially by developers.

In practice, 130-150 AS increase is enough to roll like a boss. 200 is literally gamebraking, especially if playing with fast weapons. I don’t understand.
If someone’s willing to exploit OP mechanics, I’m afraid this isn’t the right game. Thankfully.

I can support a statement that MS wasn’t handled quite properly and crit mult was overnefed all around, but AS in its current state? Get serious.

People are bound to disagree with some of our decisions but there is no reason discussion should devolve into insults.

The complaint has been heard but I’m closing this thread as it has become negative and non-productive.