Can some one show me screenshot of

Show me the loading screen girl from ashes of malmouth in game please?

Yeah I have not seen her either :frowning: miss her!

Dunno what the problem is. I read this and specifically hopped in game: spawn in DC, portaled to Lower Crossing Rift and got the AoM screen first try.

Seems to be working.

Think the OP is talking about the npc rather than the loading screen.

Anyway, here is a video instead: (she shows up at around 23min)


In that case… you supply a vid… I’ll supply a pic:

@OP - AoM loading screen girl has a name. She prefers Byscilla, Matron of Rifts :wink: Probably wanna stay on her good side.

thanks can’t wait to meet her. watched the vid, love her voice.

Pfft. She’s not THAT busty, she just has excellent corsetry :stuck_out_tongue: