Can somebody help me to create an "Ice Knight"? (Melee Battlemage Cold Damage)

Hello Guys

First of all, I want to mention that I’m a little new to the game, so sorry for any noobness!

I had the idea of creating knights/warriors based on elements (I started to write a book about it, so why not?). I managed to find similar builds for my theorycrafts so I’m ok with lightning (lightning warden - already around level 60), earth (physical warden) and fire (fire/physical commando - already level 41), but I’m having trouble with ice.

My first idea was to use a Battlemage (to keep Soldier as an standard in all builds), using Soldier for Cadence, defense and utility, and the Arcanist providing the cold damage.

(My idea about the skills:

But after some research I saw lots of people saying that (at least before Ashes of Malmouth) Battlemages are terrible to gear, and that there is no gear that combines cold and physical damage (except the Leaviathan Two-Handed Mace). I could not find recent information on this, neither saw new cold Battlemage builds.

So, you guys know the game much better than me. Can you tell me if my idea is now (after Ashes of Malmouth) viable? And if it is, can you give me some tips about items, skills and devotions?

If it’s not viable, should I replace one of the masteries (or even both)? I was trying to keep Soldier for preference and Arcanist for the visuals (also I like the skills, specially OFF and TSS). I could replace Soldier with Shaman without question, if it helps.

My goal is to beat the main game without trouble. I’m not worried about Crucible Gladiator, at least not with this build.

And if it helps, I prefer tanks than glass cannons. And I usually play with my wife, so it’s not a solo journey.

I hope you guys can help me and I appreciate and thank you all for any help and for your time. :slight_smile:

I think if you look at Arcanist and Nightblade, you’ll have a bit more luck. There doesn’t seem to be the same single-source Cold damage synergy that there is for Fire and Lightning. OFF/TZSS are a good start, but you probably need the support from Nightblade to make it Melee viable.

check the thread:

Pre-expansion, there was “The Glacier” by Ryzel which was focused on stacking Frostburn damage using Nightblade and used Soldier for defense. I don’t know how much of a thoeycrafter you are but it should give you some ideas, you can also check towards the end of the topic to see if there are updates to the build with the expansion or ask for an update, I believe the creator is still fairly active.

Edit: Beaten to it by Dragon :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Guys!

I wasn’t thinking about the Nighblade mastery, and this seems to be my mistake. I enjoyed those builds more than I expected, specially the Blademasters.

Drokalypso and Stupid Dragon

Thanks for the builds, they seems to be very cool. I will take a closer look later.


Yes, this is giving me some ideas. But first I will study the build to understand it in depth. Thanks!