Can someone explain me this?

Hello, can someone explain me the “off-hand” for a weapon, here in this pic, I see +9dps if off-hand and -16 if equipped. I equipped and I’ve more dps than the previous one, I’m a bit lost guys. Thank you.

yes this is normal, grim only compares the physical dmg of the weapons :wink:

Thanks for answering but can you explain a little more? I thought off-hand was for shields and tomes.

Normaly it is for shields and tomes - right, but you skilled in dual wielding, so you can use a weapon in both hands.

and for the -dps for your off hand, look at the physical damage from those weapons, the game only compares this stat, the 4-8 fire dmg on the weapon in your bag will not be added to the calculation of dps.

OK thank you very much :wink: