Can someone explain to me about Shaman 2H skills?

There are 3 different ones, none of them are “default weapon attack replacers”. Savagery seems to fit that bill, but I’m not entirely clear on how Brute Force and Primal Strike fit into a 2H build. Primal Strike seems akin to ABB, but worse since there is no awesome buff in it’s tree. Does Brute Force complement Savagery in a way that doesn’t waste it’s features? In essence I just could use an overall explanation of Shaman melee, and secondarily how they might synergize with other classes (overlap, complement, wasted, etc). Thanks!

Savagery is an actual auto attack replacer. Brute Force and Primal Strike are not.

Brute Force is a passive damage increase to Lightning and Physical and you need one point in it at least to use Feral Hunger and Upheaval (not sure about this one, someone correct me if i’m wrong). Brute Force does complement Savagery and Primal Strike but most of the time people just put one point in it, the damage increase is too small to be worth extensive point investment.

Primal Strike is a solid AOE attack up until late Elite where it starts to lose its effectiveness. And by the time you get to Ultimate you already have a bunch of AOE options, so Savagery is usually the better option.

Is it though? The tooltip for Savagery does not say it’s a replacer. However, the weird thing is that both Feral Hunger and Upheaval activate off default weapon attacks, so it would make sense that Savagery is one. That said, Grim Dawn skills are not always what they appear to be. I have to spend a fair amount of time on the forums getting the actual functionality from other players.

Norzan is right. I am like 100% sure the savagery tooltip mentions being used as a default auto attack

Not really much to say about secondary classes, nothing interesting to discuss it just matters what complements it the best nothing is wasted and not sure what you mean by overlap in this case exactly. Picking demolitionist = win, otherwise pick occultist. Pick other class if you want to be weak on purpose

DERP! You are right, it is in the flavor text. It just doesn’t have the bolded text at the end that I’m used to seeing. I dunno, Soldier seems ok as a secondary class, but otherwise I agree with you.