can someone explain wendigo totem / blood pact?

I’m fluent in English, but I still have trouble understanding what the deal is with Wendigo Totem + Blood pact. The mouse-over in-game on the little buff icon just suggests I am soon to be addicted to blood, which is lovely as far as I am concerned, but what exactly is going on in the pact?
The pact grants flat vitality and increases in damage to vit and bleed, plus a chance for lifesteal – fine. Is this supposed to (a) buff the “Life Tap” ability of the totem itself, or (b) it buffs my attacks (and spells, or anything which does weapon damage?).

I believe it buffs your attacks while you’re in the Totem’s radius. If you use it you’ll see the circular icon of Blood Pact show up in your buffs as you stand in its radius.

Yep, Blood Pact buffs your abilities. It give you flat vitality damage, chance of life steal and little boosts to your vita and bleeding damages. You have to be in the radius of Wendigo Totem to receive it.

Hey thanks much.
I think I still don’t get something. Somehow I am not finding the Wendigo Totem as awesome as everyone else here finds it. I only have mine at level 9 now, but shouldnt that be healing me for 4% + 350 every half-second? I seem to hardly notice its healing at all. What am I missing?

How much Hp do you have and do you die too fast to notice?

Totem works better on high hp chars that can stay their ground a bit.

It heals every second, as far as i remember.
And the main downside is that there should be both you and alive enemy near totem to make healing work.

… there needs to be an enemy near the totem??? Holy shit, that would explain why I don’t notice healing when I have time to look. Damn, how annoying.

How much Hp do you have and do you die too fast to notice?
Totem works better on high hp chars that can stay their ground a bit.

I’m still a baby at level 50 or so and only have about 9k, so that should also explain a bit. Still I think that MortalKombat’s comment explains even more, if what he says is true…

9K HP at level 50 is a crap ton of HP. You shouldn’t have much worries about moving out of its range.

Yeah I maxed Heart of Wild and almost Vigor, so despite low resists health is not an issue so far in veteran. But needing an enemy to use the totem to heal is counter-intuitive for me :confused:

Don’t think of it as a healing totem. It’s a life leach totem. It works great for most characters, as this game is kind of designed to be anti kiting.

hm ok I’ll try, thanks for the tip. I am a lightning caster however and don’t do weapon damage. So I maybe shouldn’t invest in this? Then not sure what my healing will be besides Word of Renewal tree, I thought Wendigo Totem was the way to go…

Otherwise, totem would be far too OP, considering how much HP it heals (especially at high levels).

Even as a caster, you should be able to just stand there in the totem most of the time. Unless the issue is everything is dying so fast that nothing ever gets that close to you.

As for if you wanted other options for healing, there are several constellations that have healing abilities, behemoth and tree of life are a couple examples but there are others as well.