Can someone explaining this weird skill tooltip change? (bleeding Trickster)

So I’ve been playing around with some of the bleeding builds in GDstash and currently after trialing bleeding Ritualist (which was just average) I want to try my hand in making a bleeding Trickster.

My question is, why does tooltip in Grimtools shows “1200 bleeding damage” under Belgothian Shears and Whirling Death when we equip two Mythical Bloodsongs? It only shows 300 when we equip just one. It’s my first time trying out bleeding damage (and honestly, it’s pretty underwhelming).

Because it sums the duration, which isn’t how it works in game.

It also doubles the damage for some reason. Is that just a GT bug? And how does it work in-game?

It’s doubling the damage because it’s doubling the duration. If the duration is longer, you deal more damage total damage over the longer period of time. 1200 damage over 6 seconds is still 200dps, which is what you actually get. One weapon gives you 300 damage over 3 seconds, or 100dps. The second weapon gives you 600 damage over 3 seconds, which is 200dps. The error is solely in the duration being increased as well. This is not mimicked in the game.

Thanks, Ceno, you da man!