Can someone give me insight Please!

Okay i have been having problems with cloud save. Therefore, i disabled cloud saving and moved my save folder to local storage ( c:/documents/my games/grim dawn) . With that being done , now every time i make progress in the game , and close out grim dawn, does the save folder in local storage get updated every single change like cloud save does? like the sync?

I use to have cloud storage, but change it to local. After I moved characters in my documents folder everything was alright. Characters changes are automatically saved in your document folder.

Thanks man , So what you are saying Every character change , blueprint found, items etc. Get automatically saved to local everytime i close the game out just like cloud save right?

Yes. Make sure that cloud saving is turned off in both Steam settings and the ingame Options menu. The game will save locally after that.

Make sure you move your save properly.