Can someone help me with a question?

Food storage basement should I build it where? near farms or in residential areas?

what would be the best strategy to build a basement to store food?

Could be either, but since you might get rats in them maybe it would be better to put them in town so rat catchers can cover them along with other buildings.


The decision is yours to make. Would you rather have your farmers walk back to the village and store the food, or the villagers/market people come out to the farm one at a time to restock their shelter? Seems better to me for the farmers to do it.

Hopefully in a future version we’ll have better control over the storage and be allowed to use wagon transport for better transit.


I make the market people do it. In my farming setup, my farmers are kept pretty busy, so I’d rather they squirrel away the crops quickly.

how do i make my farmers save food or is it automatic?

If you have a root cellar or storehouse accepting food they’ll do it as normal part of their duties. I’d recommend storing food in the cellar though, and grain in the granary