Can someone please critique my Elementalist?

So inspired by the cleaners thread, I’ve decided to go full lightning with canister bomb. Instead of purifier, I went with elementalist. Any insights on how I can improve this build?

My Elementalist

Skill points: Grenado > BWC; Thermite Mines for RR; and some adjustments on passives.

Devotion: I prefer Tempest over Spear in ranged builds but that’s just my opinion.

I’ll think about adding thermites in. But in the char sheet ingame, I still have a bit of fire damage left on canister bomb. Any ideas where its from?

All the phys and pierce are correctly converted by the skill transmuter. All the remaining fire damage should be converted by the guns and gloves. I tried putting BWC in my left click slot and it showed all lightning damage with no fire left.