Can’t find or create .txt files in Asset Manager

So basically I have made this completely new mod from scratch, there ain’t anything in it. I have started to make a list of folders in the sources section and created a Text_EN folder. In here, there should be some files that read something like “ tags_skills.txt” or “ tags_ui.txt”, which I should open To edit the name of my new mastery and the names of the resulting class combinations, etc. They aren’t there, so I figured out I had to make them, but turns out that clicking “new” does nothing and there’s no file like that I can import. I really don’t know what to do.

My goal is to get files with which I can edit the names of the mastery, the skills and the descriptions

Browse to your mod/source/text/ directory using windows explorer
right click the vast empty folder space
click new
click text document

you now have a text file in your source directory.