Can Thermite Mines trigger any Celestia Powers?

Legimitely asking. Tried assigning Fissure or Flame Torrent to them, and they never get triggered no matter how many times I cast them…

If you are testing it on dummies, be sure to use Pet Attack on them.


I assumed the burning flame triggers them normally? Odd… it works now, strange.

Yes, it’s a bit weird. As far as I’m aware, mines worked slightly different some time ago. They did not spew fire when deployed, instead you’d need to “Pet Attack” on a valid target. But maybe I’m making that up, I’m not sure. But mines are pets, and will proc devotions properly when used against real enemyes.

I always needed to pet mines when testing (on that lonely dummy in homestead).

I never used them much before, so I wasn’t aware. My last Pyromancer was from before the updates when minis would only trigger once stepped on, making them practically useless (same as the bouncing-everywhere-cocktail that’d land somewhere the enemy used to be 3 second later)… so I just never really used them. But my current Harbinger Pyromancer build can use the mines to apply some Chaos resistance redux on enemies who get close, and I thought the Flame Torrent would be more useful on the mines than on the rather weak Hellhound I only keep in Defensive for the chaos/fire damage aura.