Can this Reaper work?

Hey guys, I wanted to ask for your advice.

I have a plan for a cold damage Reaper build. The idea would be to use a mix of basic attack with WPS, and SS and Bone Harvest as huge damage dealers.


Basic attack would be ABB, because in conjunction with Soul Harvest, it could provide some huge flat cold bonuses, both to WPS and SS and Bone Harvest itself, since all the skills use %weapon damage.

I would like to use Soulrend, but I have left the rest of the item slots empty - I do not like spoiling the game for myself for looking the items in advance. My Devotion points are rather haphazardly spent, and I believe there’s room for progress there.

What do you think? Feel free to criticize me, that’s why I’m posting this

Did anyone else misread the title?


Yeah it can work, but you’re being a bit too ambitious. You don’t have enough skill points to optimize ABB, SS, Bone Harvest, and auto attacks, let alone while making sure you have your defensive capabilities utilized.

I’d leave ABB at 1 point (damage is negligible compared to Bone Harvest), and SS at one point (same reason), and Blade Barrier at either 1 or 6 points, and Anatomy of Murder at 1 point, and use those extra points to max Lethal Assault, Bone+Soul Harvest (but not Dread), Spectral Binding+Lash (for Vitality resist reduction), Elemental Awakening, Nightfall, Shadow Dance, and get 10/10 in Mark of Torment because that much damage reduction is useful and more flexible because you can actually do things while it’s active.

Devotions I would get Wendigo bound to Bone Harvest, Manticore bound to ABB, Murmur bound to SS, Kraken, then get health/OA/DA constellations working your way to Leviathan.

Here is what i was thinking for reaper

maybe it’s not enough AOE? I don’t know. Level 41 so far and it’s pretty fun.

Ryzel, what’cha think? ->